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If You Love Topshop Then You Need To See Ibizan label De La Vali

© De La Vali; Topshop

Though the price is alluring there’s a payoff that comes with shopping in Topshop. Likely, one of your friends will have the same dress and if not the same item, different print. Also, high-up in the real-life possibilities is that the piece won’t be made quite as well as you were hoping, but that’s what you get when you pay £30 for a silk dress. What we love about Topshop outweighs the bad but don’t get us wrong, we’d still love a more luxe option. Enter De La Vali.

In certain circles, De La Vali is already cult. Stylist Harriet Stewart, Millie Mackintosh and former Grazia editor Hannah Almassi have already been spotted in the label’s red polka dot ‘Juliette’ dress (see above for a compare and contrast with Topper’s take on the gown). No doubt part of this Balearic brand is its association with Kate Moss. Not only is Mossy an unofficial spokesperson but her bohemian-inflected wardrobe looks like a walking mood board of the label.

Though it’s been ten years since Kate Moss collaborated with Topshop, if our dream dress could magically appear in front of us we know what form it would take: tangerine-coloured with a fishtail and ruffles. A lot has changed in a decade – Brexit, Trump, Love Island without celebrities – but that unfilled desire lives on. Luckily, De La Vali have a very similar alternative for sale. The same goes for the studded ‘Billy Ray’ Jacket from the brand, which is the brainchild of design duo Jana Sacha Haveman and Laura Castro. For a dose of old-school Topshop and Kate Moss charm, look no further than our gallery below.