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Christmas GIF(t) Guide: 10 Presents To Get You In Your Mum's Good Books

Christmas GIF(t) Guide: 10 Presents To Get You In Your Mum's Good Books

It’s that time of year again. The adverts are out, the jokes about this year’s jumpers are in full swing and you're already panicking about what to wear to this year’s Christmas party. And then we come to... the presents...

But fear not, we've done the leg work for you. We've found all the best pressies for your Mum (or Mother in Law, of course).

Here are 10 GIF(t)s that will guarantee you some extra helpings this Christmas...

1. House of Hackney Palmeral Mug

These mugs are the cutest addition to any house proud Mum's kitchen and she'll love showing them off next time someone is over for a cuppa. The classic House of Hackney print will also make them dream of summer and get them through the chilly months.

  1. Cookbook Book

This is the ultimate compilation of recipes from the last 100 years. What Mum doesn't love a cook book? Even if they wouldn't be caught dead in the kitchen, this is sure to look good on their shelf.

  1. Jo Malone Cologne Collection

Ah Jo Malone, a go-to for all Mums. This selection is super cute and ideal for any Mum that likes to travel (weekend trip to her house has never smelt so good). With some of their best selling scents, she's sure to pick up something that she'll love out of this line up. Our personal fave is the Lime Basil Mandarin Scent.

  1. Caorunn Gin

After the chaos that inevitably is Christmas, your Mum is bound to need a drink. Produce this fancy gin -so good it's an international award winner - and watch calm take over chaos.

  1. The Conran Shop Magnifying Vase

You may think a humble vase is, well, too simple. But not this guy. Make a feature of a single flower so your Mum can feel like Belle from Beauty and The Beast.

  1. Diptyque ' La Proveresse' Candle

If you're going to go for the classic candle, don't short-change your Mum, get her the best around. Diptyque candles are quite simply divine. The scent is always amazing, so it looks and smells pretty darn good.

  1. Phoebe Colman Ancient Gold Ring

If you want to spoil your Mum this Christmas, this ring is an easy way to do it - ornate, but not too fussy, you'll Mum will love it as the perfect bit of sparkle for the Christmas season.

  1. Johnston Cashmere Gloves

The humble glove set is not to be snubbed - especially when they're made from cashmere. Quite simply the softest things in the world - you'll want to borrow them all winter long.

  1. Molton Brown Pampering Body Gift Set

The Christmassy colours are enough to convince us, but this set is perfect for home spa days. An ideal combination of pink pepper, patchouli and ginger makes for a zingy pampering kit. It's limited edition, so you better get your hands on it quick!

  1. Toast Mohair Colour Block Jumper

A Christmas jumper doesn't have to be 3-D or full of lights (but we do appreciate those, too) This is a great purchase for Mum, who will love getting something that's on trend but not totally bonkers.

Panic officially over, Christmas presents for you Mum: totally sorted. You can thank us later...

GIFs: Anna Dewhurst

**Photography: Marco Vittur