These Are The Very Best Christmas Hampers Of The Year, From Selfridges To M&S

Whatever your budget, we've got you covered...

The Best Christmas Hampers To Buy In 2023

by Henrik Lischke |
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For making it to the end of the year, we need all the treats we can get. And for us, that mostly means things we find in the kitchen. Yes, we are talking about cheese, chocolate, biscuits, crisps – you get the picture. What could be more festive than a brilliant Christmas hampers to indulge in? After all, the festive days - no matter who you spend them with - require a plentiful supply of food. So, hampers and Christmas go hand in hand.

And whether you're looking to buy a hamper for yourself or are working through the list of loved ones that you still need to find a gift for, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve trawled through a plethora of culinary suitors to present you with an edit of the best Christmas hampers out there. What’s more, we’ll update this edit each week with new additions, in case you still haven’t found the perfect one.

Do Christmas hampers make a good present?

Not only are they a surprise to receive, but also a low-effort present that will make you look super thoughtful. Depending on what your budget is, you'll be able to find to find appropriate options at all price points.

How do you choose the best Christmas hampers?

This is entirely up to what you’re looking for. Firstly set yourself a budget, then ask yourself what it is that you’re after? Do you fancy a collection of sweet treats? Are you looking to stock up your wine shelf for the festive season? Or do you have a proclivity for savoury delicatessen? Once you’ve made up your mind, there’s a hamper to suit every taste - below, we’re rounding up the best ones.

What are the best things to put in a hamper?

Again, this is dependent on who you’re getting a hamper for and when you’re planning on giving it (think fresh produce). Curating an edit is great fun and allows you to really personalise your gift. Be considerate - no matter how big or small your edit - and try to please as many people as possible: hampers are perfect for sharing after all.

What makes a good hamper?

Whether it’s cheese and biscuits, a budget choice or something for self-care - hampers really are the gift that keeps on giving and should last you (or the lucky recipient) all through the festive period and beyond.

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Our Favourite Christmas Hampers At One Glance

Best for the delicatessen connoisseur: Virginia Hayward, Decadence Hamper

Best for the whole family: M&S Collection, Deluxe Christmas Hamper

Best for the hobby chef: John Lewis, Christmas Larder Gift Box

Best for an extravagant hamper: Harrods, The St James Christmas Hamper

Best for traditional celebrations: Fortnum & Mason, Christmas Treat Hamper


Best for: Shaking things up at home


In case you didn't know already, Harvey Nicholas is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the festive

Best For: Traditional treats


When it comes to Marks & Spencer products of any category, the same holds true: don't mess with a

Best for: Gourmets


For anyone with a taste for the finer things in live, Virginia Hayward's decadence hamper might be

Best for: Luxurious treats


Nothing says 'tradition' like Fortnum & Mason's Christmas selection (or anything F&M for that

Best for: Italian indulgence


As every year, John Lewis delivers in the festive department. The Larder gift box is laden with

Best for: The hostess with the mostest


Already feeling stressed about Christmas break queues at the supermarket? Don't miss out on any

Best for: Sweet indulgence


If you've got a sweet tooth, you might want to consider investing into Harrods' iconic St James

Best for: Lovers of baked goods


No Christmas dinner would be be complete with a mighty breakfast spread the morning after. Enter

Best for: Large gatherings


A true all-rounder for the entire family, Cartwright and Butler's Howden hamper caters to all

Best for: The chef-to-be


Disciples of Ottolenghi will love this one. The ultimate hamper is bursting with mouthwatering

Best for: Mixologists


If 'stocking up the bar cart' is still on your to-do list for the festive season ahead, you might

Best for: Cheese experts


To anyone who's lactose intolerant, you better look away now. Snowdonia's cheese hamper offers a

Best for: The traditionalist


This is, perhaps, the best hamper out there. Stocked with all the traditional Christmas goods,

Best for: Fans of smoked salmon


Ah, Panzer’s Deli. A true case of IYKYK, the Jewish deli based in north-west London is an

Best for: Serial holiday-ers


Enthusiasts of the Spanish cuisine will relish this treasure trove of Mediterranean edibles,

Best for: The perfectionist


If the conveyor belt of hamper options still doesn’t feel quite right, a bespoke hamper will do

Best for: Feasting for days


Harvey Nichols goes full throttle when it comes to its Christmas hampers. Enter the All The

Best for: The whole family


Truly one for the whole family (bar the wine, perhaps), Marks and Spencer also delivers the goods

Best for: Stacking up the wine racks


To those with a taste for the finer things, the sommeliers selection by Baxters of Scotland boasts

Best for: Festive cheer


Combining the best of savoury and sweet Christmas treats, this hamper is and indulgence about

Best for: delicatessen


Toast on Christmas morning with a bottle of champagne, put together a lovely afternoon sandwich or

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