The Best Barbie Halloween Costumes To Recreate This Year

This Barbie is ready for halloween.

Barbie halloween costumes

by Marina Avraam |
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The Barbie movie came and went, gracing us with what felt like a fever dream of blonde hair and big skirts, seashell necklaces and sequins. Now, for this year's Halloween season, you have the chance to recreate Barbie's vast selection of vibrant outfits, and start sentences with 'this Barbie...' for the whole night. I mean, what could be better? So, we've rounded up the best Barbie halloween costumes for 2023.

The great thing about opting for Barbie as your Halloween theme is that you have options. Whether you're dressing up with your whole friendship group, going solo, or dressing up with your partner, there's a Barbie Halloween costume suitable for every situation. No Barbies left behind...or something like that.

From Cowgirl Barbie, to Disco Barbie, prepare to embrace your childhood and throw yourself into Barbieland once more. Shop the best Barbie Halloween costumes below.

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Dream House Barbie

checkered dress
Price: £59.99

The first step to recreating the classic Barbie Dream House look is with a gingham dress, in pink, of course. This one is straight from Zara's Barbie collection, with only a few sizes left, so be quick!

Prefer a mini? Opt for Cider's little tartan dress, which is so Barbie it hurts.

Cowgirl Barbie

Zara cowgirl outfit
Price: £35.99

Once more, Zara is coming in clutch with the best Barbie halloween costumes on the market. Shop the iconic pink halter top below.

Barbie™ Full Length Trousers
Price: £59.99

Don't forget to pick up the matching trousers!

And, top it all off (quite literally) with a white cowboy hat from Amazon.

Roller Blade Barbie

Get the full Barbie roller blade outfit for £22 at PLT.

barbie swimsuit
Price: £8 (was £12)

What better way to replicate the Barbie roller-blade look than with a hot pink, Barbie logo-embossed swimsuit?

Rhinestone Barbie Mattel Bodysuit, Zara
Price: £25.99

Or, opt for this dreamy rhinestone embellished bodysuit from Zara.

You know you want to - these shiny cycling shorts could not get more Barbie if they tried.

And, don't forget to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun with this pastel pink visor by UO. Fashion's SPF.

Plus, the actual skates as worn by Margot Robbie.

Swimsuit Barbie

Start the look off with this black and white striped one-piece from M&S, with a halterneck.

White cat-eye sunglasses? We'll take ten.

Barbie Mattel Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings, Zara
Price: £22.85

Yes - we're still obsessed with the Zara collection, and these earrings will complete your Barbie swimmer look.

Disco Barbie

The easiest Barbie halloween costume to replicate by far, is disco Barbie. All you need is this sequin-embellished jumpsuit, and a pair of your favourite dancing heels (if that's even a thing).

Halloweening on a budget? This £50 jumpsuit will do the trick just fine.

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