Barack Obama Has Just Worn The Perfect Christmas Present For The Men In Your Life (And You)

It's The Jacket.

Barack Obama

by Natalie Hammond |

‘Oh my,’ was pretty much the reaction to a certain magazine’s new cover star yesterday. January’s US InStyle belongs to Barack Obama, who is sitting in an armchair - one leg cocked over the other - with an expression that manages to read as nonchalant, bemused, relaxed, contented and, quite simply, cool all at the same time. The coverline reads, ‘That’s What I do.’

The former president is wearing a jacket that you’ll recognise from the campaign trail - a zip-up style that’s equal parts sporty and smart that he cracked out earlier this month in Georgia. Posting on Instagram, InStyle’s editor-in-chief, Laura Brown, explained: ‘For this portrait, I requested Obama wear the jacket he sank the viral three point shot in while campaigning with Joe Biden. He told @sandra.sobieraj.westfall he was surprised by the ask: ‘I’ve got better jackets.’ When she pointed out it was ‘that’ jacket, he grinned and said, ‘I showed some swag in that one.’’ We’ll just give you a moment for that to sink, and then say that yes, he does have swag. So much swag that a similar jacket is the only gift worth giving to the men in your life this year. And when you’re done shopping for them, hell, get one for yourself too.

Obama’s is from a collaboration between Lululemon (be still the beating hearts of yummy mummies everywhere) and Roden Gray, a menswear boutique in Vancouver, Canada. Its Hooded Define Jacket is more on the sporty side, but has the slim-fit silhouette you’re looking for. Uniqlo’s Blocktech Hooded Parka, available in black, navy and khaki, is great for wearing with a ribbed polo neck underneath. Obama wears a white collared shirt, but really, only he has the ‘swag’ to pull that combo off. COS’s Knitted Cropped Jacket has serious sleek points and would look brilliant with the kind of smart lace-ups like Obama’s. Arket’s Ribbed Fleece Jacket also has plenty of can-do attitude, and would be great with turn-up jeans and stomper boots.


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Lululemon, Hooded Define Jacket Nulu, £118
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Uniqlo, Women Blocktech Hooded Parka, £59.90
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COS, Knitted Cropped Jacket, £99
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Arket, Fleece Zip Jacket, £59
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Now all you need to work on is the twinkle in your eye. Think you can manage that?

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