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The 4 Shoe Trends You Need To Know About This Autumn

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And the 12 pairs we're loving right now...

I believe it was Carrie Bradshaw who said, ‘You can never have too many pairs of shoes’, but to be honest, it just as easily could have been me. With a cupboard piled high with trainers, mules and pumps, it’s a wonder I still believe I have nothing to wear (on my feet). However, it’s probably because there are only four footwear trends leading this season’s conversation and I don’t own any of them.

Since Gucci’s rise to prominence its iconic loafer has enjoyed a comfortable level of relevance, but this season it steps up a notch as ultra-femme fashion moves into the spotlight. As the natural counterpart to girlish dresses, a chunky masculine slip-on will ground the most flouncy and frilly of frippery.

On the outré end of the spectrum, the trend for bows kicks off. Whether draped over the toe of a boot or cinching the ankle, the humble, oft floppy, bow is the most excellent of embellishments this coming party season.

Following from this is the zaniest of concepts: faux-real skins. As fake fur coats now (courtesy of Shrimps and Gucci) are painted every colour of the rainbow, so is our mock croc and shame snakeskin shoes. We’re eyeing up a pair in pink, but if subtly is more your bag then look to the coveted shades of chocolate and coffee that have found prominence this season.

After Jacquemus introduced the world to wonky heels it’s really caught on. The more sculptural, the better. Conical and spherical kitten heels make an interesting addition to everyday items like jeans, while taller more architectural designs off-set the midi skirts that are making waves this season.

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