The Great 8: Shop Oversized Blazers And What To Wear Them With

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oversized blazers autumn 2020

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Want to shop smart on the high street? Welcome to this instalment of The Great 8, a shopping series to show you how to wear eight wardrobe staples, as told by team Grazia. You'll have a wardrobe that says 'wear forever' in no time...


SHOP: The Best Oversized Blazers And What To Wear Them With

Bershka, Straight Fit Blazer, £45.991 of 7

Bershka, Straight Fit Blazer, £45.99

Toast, Cotton Linen Trousers, £1652 of 7

Toast, Cotton Linen Trousers, £165

Massimo Dutti, Wool Flannel Blazer, £1493 of 7

Massimo Dutti, Wool Flannel Blazer, £149

ASOS, Hoop Earrings, £64 of 7

ASOS, Hoop Earrings, £6

H&M, Oversized Jacket, £24.995 of 7

H&M, Oversized Jacket, £24.99

Weekday, Checked Turtleneck, £186 of 7

Weekday, Checked Turtleneck, £18

Urban Outfitters, Oversized Blazer, £727 of 7

Urban Outfitters, Oversized Blazer, £72

A well-kept secret of fashion editors everywhere is to always opt for oversized when it comes to tailoring. Blazers are no exception and can, in fact, elevate a very simple outfit to new heights. Sophie Henderson, Grazia's senior fashion market editor, explains why she has come to depend on them in her own wardrobe...

Sophie Henderson, senior fashion market editor

oversized blazers 2020
Sophie wearing one of her favourite oversized blazers

'To say I like blazers is an understatement. Almost a third of my wardrobe is dedicated to well-worn versions, from single breasted to statement, with a range of price tags. My most-worn are a linen-blend men’s blazer from M&S and this collarless version from Zara. Both have something in common: they’re neutral. When buying tailoring from the high street, a classic colour palette and an oversized silhouette can make something look instantly more expensive.'

Let Prada Be Your Inspiration...

Prada, autumn/winter 2020
Prada, autumn/winter 2020

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