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If You Like Realisation Par, We Predict You'll Love This New Insta-Famous Brand

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Soon to be seen all over your 'gram...

We use a totally non-scientific formula to calculate whether a brand will go viral and honestly, Art dealer.’s potential is off the charts. It’s 90 per cent intuition and 10 per cent influencer marketing, but this algorithm has never been wrong.

Any seasoned Instagram user will know that it’s no coincidence when influencers start wearing the same item. It happened with Prada neon and it happened with Realisation Par’s leopard print midi skirt, and it’s happening again with new(ish) label Art dealer. When there is an influx of an item so niche that it’s not the product of a long tail, brand-led PR scheme, it’s a sure-fire sign that it’s about to go viral.

The Chilean-born, Italian-trained, Barcelona-based Art dealer. designer Carolina Cerutti’s esoteric tastes aren’t dramatically different from that of Realisation Par’s, in fact. Her silky wrap dresses and animal prints have already made fans out of Patricia Manfield, Chiara Ferragni and Caroline Vreeland. Though newly graduated, Cerutti’s designs dig deeper than trends for inspiration. The finished result is something akin to Attico but with a more appealing price point. We recommend you check it out.