23 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re Addicted To Zara

You are not alone...


by Danielle Fowler |
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If you're not trying to navigate the shop with your hands full of clothes, your phone out ready in preparation to pounce on an innocent passing sales assistant (you can't seem to find the gold-hoop bag every blogger is coveting), then you're endlessly refreshing the 'new in' section of the website on the tube/sofa/bed.

You leave a secret tab open on your computer at work and have the app at your disposal 24/7. The cult brand makes up 95 percent of your wardrobe yet you still find at least five new items to add to your wish list every week and you know when the mid-season sales are set to drop weeks in advance.

Sound familiar? Congratulations, you are a fellow Zara fanatic.

And who can blame us? With cold-shoulder tops in abundance, frilled trousers by the dozen and floor-skimming coats in high supply - there's no place we'd rather be on a Saturday afternoon. Or weekday. Or lunch break thinking about it...

We've rounded up the 21 things you'll only know if, like us, you're a self-professed appreciator of all things Zara...

1. Thursday is your favourite day of the week

Forget hump day. Thursday is the highlight of your week, as new stock hits the shelves and you rush to the nearest store quicker than you can say 'Zara'.

2. You suggest Zara vouchers for your birthday/Christmas/graduation/any other day which presents itself as an opportunity to buy new clothes

Your friends and family know it’s a safe bet too.

3. You will never tire of receiving Zara vouchers

Ah, there’s nothing that compares with the feeling of opening that crisp white ribboned box to find the magical card that solves all of life’s problems.


4. You scroll through the 'new in' section of the website more than your Instagram feed

Must. Not. Miss. A. Thing.

5. You screenshot the latest must-haves to send to your friends/fellow addicts

And then regret it when they think about buying that ruffled pinstripe shirt you've had your heart set on for weeks too...

6. Your inbox is brimming with 'back in stock' notifications

A week can feel like a month when you're patiently awaiting your size...

7. You use various vouchers and debit/credit cards to fund your addiction

‘Can I put £20 on debit, £5 on credit and use these vouchers to make up the rest?’

8. When you heard that self-checkouts might soon be a thing you couldn’t help but wonder how it will change your life

So long, lengthy queues!

9. You spend 45 minutes of your lunchbreak in Zara

Again, think how much time the self-checkouts could save. You might even have time for lunch…

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10. The security alarms regularly go off

But it’s just your last season handbag which still contains the tag.

11. You’re often mistaken for a sales assistant by fellow customers

It's not your fault that you're wearing all-black Zara attire and trainers.

12. Your friends have given up asking you where your latest purchases are from

Zara, obviously.

13. You can accurately guess the price of a majority of clothes in the store


14. But there’s always one item which manages to surprise you.

Zara lacks consistency when it comes to pricing their products. That silky slip dress you're after isn't £29.00 but over £79.99. Turns out it's Studio... Whereas that cross-body bag you have your eye on? It's only £24.99. Adds to basket immediately...

15. You will not stop until you find those frilled trousers everyone at work has

If that means searching six stores within your vicinity then so be it.

16. And you will always, always mourn the Zara items that never made the checkout cut



17. You will never understand why they don’t just have a shoe department

But will never cease to scan high and low for those white wooden mules everyone is talking about.

18. You can’t help but feel disheartened when you discover half of your wardrobe is now in the mid-season sale

(At half the price you paid)

19. You also wonder where half of the clothes in the sale have been hiding all this time

You’re pretty sure you’ve never seen that blazer before. You would definitely have known about it, that's for sure. You feel cheated.

20. You considered joining the gym just as an excuse to invest in their new active range

Come on, have you seen the trainers?

21. You can guarantee that you will walk past at least three people in the street wearing your latest purchase

Who doesn't have this season's leather biker?

22. You have to think twice before purchasing a white top

It's the large-cuffed silver circle embellished shirt you've had your eyes on forever. But the collar is tinged with the remnants of another customer's fake tan. Question is, will it wash out?

23. Your purse is bursting with old receipts

Rule number one when shopping in Zara. Never, ever dream of throwing the receipt in the bin. The staff are renowned for being tricky when it comes to taking items back. No receipt, no return. Don't even get us started on exchanges...

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