This Zara News Will Change How You Shop Forever

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It’s everyone’s favourite Spanish import. With designer dupes, two huge fight-provoking annual sales and deliveries every Sunday and Thursday- Zara is a sartorial dream come true.

Be it the pyjama suit of ’14 or this summer’s most coveted white v-neck mules and baby blue biker- it's clear that we have entered a state of Zara-induced mania. The kind where people have stopped with the ‘omg where did you get that?’ because let’s be honest, it’s obviously Zara.

Yet with the store's popularity comes shopping pandemonium and eye-watering queues. So no wonder we mourn the hours lost eagerly awaiting our credit cards to be swiped.

But when we heard the techy changes that the high-street giant is introducing to their Spanish stores, we nearly keeled over with excitement.

According to Refinery29, self-checkout stations are going to be introduced to shops enabling customers to speed up transactions. Just think of all the extra time you’ll have in your lunch hour (you could maybe even have lunch). Yes, seriously.

And if that isn’t enough to persuade us self-confessed Zara regulars, there’s news that we’ll be able to try on even more clothes. How, you ask? Well, there are plans for touch-screens to be installed in the changing rooms so you can find clothing in different sizes without even having to track down a busy sales assistant.

Some of these features have already been introduced to a couple of lucky Spanish stores so we’re holding out for the ground-breaking new tech to hit the UK. Fingers crossed.

Our bank balances won't know what hit it...

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