Hang On, Why Was Shiv Roy Wearing A Ted Baker Dress In The Succession Finale?

Could it have been a power move?

Roman and Shiv Roy

by Natalie Hammond |

When it comes to the Roys, calculated ruthlessness is built into their DNA. Which is why the (spoiler alert) explosive season three finale got us thinking about the characters' wardrobe choices for their mother's wedding. Roman looked like Roman - he's the most even keel character when it comes to his sense of family loyalty, after all - Kendall, still shaven and shaken, chose a brown suit that, while well-cut, faded into a background (a comment on his feelings of self-loathing, perhaps?) and Shiv? Well, Shiv wore a dress from Ted Baker.

Roman and Shiv Roy
Roman and Shiv Roy ©Succession

There's nothing wrong with Ted Baker, obviously, but it's a bit of a left-field choice for a woman who has enough money to buy the entire inventory of Net-a-Porter. So why would she choose a high street brand? It can't be a matter of personal style - 'Oh I just really liked the dress and thought to hell with it, at least no one will be wearing the same thing!' - it must be a power move.

Shiv Roy
Shiv Roy ©Succession

I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to suggest that Caroline, played with skewering deliciousness by Harriet Walkers, doesn't have the easiest relationship with her children, but she seems to reserve particular froideur for Shiv. The Ted Baker dress could bit a bit of a two fingers up (i.e. 'I could have worn Oscar de la Renta, but thought nah you're alright.' It's understandable in the circumstances, don't you agree? A lot of people would wear a bin bag to their mother's wedding if she called them an onion (deeply insulting, trust me) the night before.


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Succession Shiv Fashion
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In the pilot episode, Shiv appears in an uncharacteristically low-key outfit, pairing an oversized sweater (from H&M's LOGG label) with maroon trousers and brown hiking boots.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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Shiv's uniform for season one (notably, where she works away from the family) includes an array of relaxed blouses - mainly from New-York based brand Theory.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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An autumnal vision in burnt orange - pre-Waystar Shiv is exactly how we want to look this fall.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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In true 'my father's a billionaire' style - Shiv's outerwear wardrobe is built purely for those who are chauffeured.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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Channelling Old Hollywood - this Talbot Runhof ruched gown paired with vintage waves and jewels is perfected with a slick of red lipstick.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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Shiv and turtlenecks go together like Blair Waldorf and headbands; this thin-ribbed grey knit was the beginning of a long-standing relationship for Roy.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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Shiv's style may not be ground-breaking, but it certainly makes a statement among the power players in Succession's boardroom.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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Known for her dedication to neutrals, this cocktail dress showed a slightly softer side to Shiv for her engagement party.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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The transition to the dark side is complete - while visiting the company, the soft tones and jewellery have gone, and Shiv is ready to battle it out with her siblings.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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While aboard the family's yacht, Shiv sports a tonal look that looks very Saint-Tropez.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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A little sexier than we're used to seeing her - this 'business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back' take on the famed turtleneck is from Gabriela Hearst.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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Shiv elevates the power suit from day-to-night in a belted plaid blazer dress from Max Mara.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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Shiv doesn't shy away from a high-waisted silhouette, and these power pants certainly mean business.

Succession Shiv Fashion
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Shiv relies on designers like Max Mara, Ralph Lauren and The Row, turning tailoring into battle armour.

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