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Sex and the City is arguably the most fashionable TV show ever made. It pretty much chronicles the best (and some questionable) fashion choices of the noughties – that tutu, the naked ‘slip’ dress, Manolo Blahnik mania. It all started with Carrie Bradshaw and co.

The mastermind behind the whole operation, SATC costume designer Patricia Field, was never afraid to experiment with different looks for the fabulous four.

sex and the city

Oh, what we would have given to spend a day in that fashion cupboard…

Well, thanks to social media, you can! Well, sort of. A new Instagram account, @everyoutfitonsatc, has finally answered our prayers – cataloguing every single outfit worn on the show, which defined a generation of 30-something women seeking love, friendship (and great shoes) in the city.

The account was created by fashion designer Chelsea Fairless and writer Lauren Garroni, who are both major fans of the show. ‘We knew that it was something that people would want.Plus it gives us an opportunity to re-purpose all of that late 90s and early 00s fashion knowledge that we currently have no use for. Chelsea told Dazed. ‘It definitely reinforced my love of fashion as a teenager.’

So instead of flicking back through 94 episodes (not that it’s a chore), this virtual sartorial space acts as the ultimate throwback inspiration board, dissecting each ensemble worn.

Grazia Daily has picked some style highlights (and lowlights) from your new Insta-stalk.

Fashion statement or epic faux pas?...

Carrie’s Red Dress + Beret

GREAT dress. Bad headgear.

Gingham Checks

The heart sunglasses, the ‘00s co-ord, the bunchies. This is perfection.

Pretty In Pink?

When Carrie went all Barbie on us.

Miranda Working It

The ultimate ‘00s power suit.

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