Missguided’s New Collection Has Us Feeling Sassier Than Ever

It's Kim Kardashian meets Coyote Ugly and we're okay with it...

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Whenever Missguided comes out with a new collection, I'm all over it. Blink and it's on everywhere on Instagram, which in a self-fulfilling prophesy as that's where I get all my fashion inspiration. Alas, Instagram fashion IRL isn't always what you expect it to be, and boy have I figured that out the hard way. You can never tell whether what your purchasing is daring in a good way or a bad way, which is why I've decided to try on their new items to save you from the agg of doing it yourself.

The clothes definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, and honestly, I now feel sassier than ever. Sorry friends, family, co-workers, I shall be unbearably egotistical as I over-wear these in the next few months and channel my inner-Kylie...


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The Coyote Ugly-Meets-Kim Kardashian

Missguided, Peace + Love Black Loose Blazer, £30; Missguided, Yellow Snake Flared Trousers, £20; Missguided, Black Floating Ankle Open Back Court Heels, £15 Snakeskin and flares? It's a combination only few would dare. Personally, I'm not one of the few. If I'm going to branch out my comfort zone into flares or animal print, it needs to be one or the other - all at once I'm hyperventilating. However, THIS JACKET. I was feeling myself far too much in this jacket, despite being somewhat tit-less. It's definitely something I'd wear with some skinny jeans and heels ready for my date to say something offensive so I could storm out sassily.

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The Adults-Only Outfit

Missguided, White V Neck Sheer Jumper, £20 ; Missguided, White High Waisted Stretch Flare Jeans, £25; Missguided, Navy Velvet Platform Trainers, £14Do I trust myself to wear this much white and not spill anything on it? Not at all. However, the jumper was super comfy, definitely a spring item I'd keep wearing. The trousers are more Instagram friendly than IRL-friendly, since I'd wear them for approx. two mins before accidentally sitting on something dirty or spilling a drink on them. Adult life is hard.

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The Kylie Being Paid To Wear Yeezy

Missguided, Black Cactus T-Shirt, £25 ; Missguided, Blue Cycling Shorts, £8 ; Missguided, Black Floating Ankle Open Back Court Heels, £15I have, for good reason, kept far far away from the cycling shorts trend. While they are extremely comfy, the camel toe risk alone terrifies me. However, I quite liked how they worked with an over-sized t-shirt, especially this cute, super soft Texas one. And when I say oversized, I mean OVERSIZED, but at least it will hide said camel from popping up.

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The Bella-Meets-Riri-Meets-Every-Insta Model Ever

Missguided, Premium Blue Camo Trousers, £28; Missguided, Black Clear Strap Barely There Heels, £13This was the closest outfit to my comfort zone, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's the type of look you can wear on Instagram and IRL, plus it's a great dinner option as the tie-waist can be loosened as the night goes on. Pairing them with heels had me feeling ALL TYPES OF SASS, in fact I probably shouldn't wear this combination purely to keep my ego at a healthy level.

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Is This The Early 00's Or Am I Dreaming?

Missguided, Yellow Snake Print Fitted Top, £20; Missguided, Blue Wrath Straight Leg Mid Rise Clean Cut Hem Jeans, £20; Missguided, Navy Velvet Platform Trainers, £14SOUND THE ALARM. MID-RISE JEANS ARE BACK IN FASHION. Not just mid-rise jeans, MID-RISE WITH A CROPPED TOP. This is the type of outfit I could wear in the morning and then hit lunch and wish I had my high-waisted jeans to cover my increasingly bulging belly. That being said, the jeans were very comfortable, and the top feels like something I could wear to all those Coyote Ugly themed parties I'm invited to...

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