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If You Like & Other Stories You’re Going To Be Hyped For M&S’s New Collection

© Marks & Spencer

As Meghan Markle knows, shopping in Marks and Spencer’s is akin to foraging. If you avoid the brambles (otherwise known as highly flammable polyester school trousers) and commit to the hunt there’s a highly-prized possession to be found. Regardless of the doom-and-gloom headlines (‘Where M&S Went Wrong’ etc.) the British retailer is consistently turning out collections that have the press drooling with anticipation for hero pieces.

As rare as a silent baby on a long-haul flight, these key pieces are extraordinary for a single reason - and one that no doubt disappoints the marketing managers at Marks & Spencer - they don’t look like your average M&S item. From the iconic pink coat that sold out so fast they unveiled it in a further 20 shades to that galaxy print dress that had influencers hooked, each season there’s one item that has us marking the drop date in our calendar. Unusually, the unveiling of the forthcoming autumn winter 2018 range hasn't had quite that affect for it would be too difficult to pick a single item to get excited about - in a good way.

If you’ve ever shopped at & Other Stories much of M&S’ new collection will appeal. From the floaty yellow pussy-bow dress to the violet trousers, to the pleated skirts and teddy bear coats, there’s a certain air of the Swedish retailer about it. Don’t get us wrong, this is no bad thing. However, if you’re the Marks shopper who likes a cashmere cardigan and a pencil skirt, be prepared for this new look. The palette is warm, the knitwear looks cosy and the ‘foundation’ pieces are ready and willing to be paired with hero items, like sequin skirts, diaphanous maxi dresses and loafers.

Now, let's talk about those loafers. Like the trainers, which have a whiff of the Veja about them, they have everyday win written all over them. Take a look at the collection below.