Is This The Most Coveted Fashion Item Of The Year?

Sorry Zara…


by Danielle Fowler |

Remember when we told you about the most sought after coat of the year?

Well, we have further proof that Mango is set to overtake Zara as our go-to store. Yes, seriously.

via @lisarvd

Anybody who’s somebody on Instagram has been spotted donning the cult item and there isn’t a day we don’t stop mid-scroll for a gander.

Priced at £35.99, a wrap-around PVC skirt from Mango, is the latest cult product to induce our bank account into a state of panic.

Coveted by the likes of bloggers Lucy Williams and Lisa Hahnbück, the silver-buckled mini has already garnered a mass following of its own.

via @lucywilliams02

And despite the cult skirt becoming the topic of conversation amid bloggers far and wide, it’s still available to purchase online.

Sport the skirt in true athleisure spirit with tucked in Bieber merch à la Hahnbück. Or imitate Williams’ approach and pair with a simple tee and sunnies to shelter from the winter sun.

via @lisarvd

One thing is for sure, we’ll be putting it straight at the top of our Christmas lists.

Apologies, Zara. Again...

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