Did Jennifer Aniston Just Borrow A Dress From Monica Geller’s Wardrobe?

Friends fans, listen up.

by Natalie Hammond |

In her latest post on Instagram  - otherwise known as, ‘The One Where Rachel Wore Monica’s Dress’ - Jennifer Aniston gave the people what they wanted: Friends nostalgia.

In a series of photos on Stories, Aniston posted a picture of cast-mate Courteney Cox, with the caption: ‘Does this dress look familiar? Still got it!’ The next picture is a selfie of her wearing exactly the same outfit circa now: a ditsy-print black-and-white dress that looks just as cool in 2022 as it did in the early ‘00s.

Rachel Green, as the show’s resident fashionista, was famous for two things when it came to her friends’ clothes, either losing everything they lent her or returning everything they bought her. But Monica’s dress seems to have stuck, not only winning a place in the actor’s wardrobe but actually earning a rewear almost two decades after the show wrapped in 2004.

Last year, Money.co.uk found that the small screen’s most influential style icon of all time was Rachel Green. But perhaps this is new evidence that her on-screen best friend was always the most stylish of the two. Don’t forget, Monica’s leather jackets, straight-leg jeans, crop tops and button-down shirts hit serious high notes in the ‘90s (although some of her character’s funniest moments involved fashion faux-pas like the torturous boots that she couldn’t return because they were filled with her own blood and she eventually abandoned on the street after getting a piggyback ride from Chandler.)

All of this begs the question: what else might be lurking in her wardrobe? Chandler’s sweater vests? Phoebe’s rings? Ross’s leather pants (Oh. My. God)?! Keep one eye on Instagram.

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