Now We’re Re-Living The Mid 2000s; How Many Of These Noughties Fashion Trends Do You Remember?

Tinted shades! Velour tracksuits! Low-rise jeans! Oh my!

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Over the past few days alone, we've woken to the news of J.Lo and Ben Affleck's engagement - and Britney announcing her pregnancy. Incredibly, we're not in the midst of a time warp, it is, in fact, still 2022.

Our obsession with nostalgia is nothing new (excuse the pun) but the celeb activity of late has made us feel like we're reliving the mid-2000s, now. Gossip aside, what does this all mean for fashion? The noughties have been creeping back into our wardrobes over the past couple of years and if you were there with us the first time round, we've been approaching the come-back with caution.

noughties trends Victoria Beckham

We've already had the resurgence of the velour-tastic Juicy Couture, with anyone who's anyone sporting a matching tracksuit, ideally in bright bubblegum pink à la Paris Hilton. Next we got our Uggs back, an instant hit among Gen Z.

Heading into summer, we're primed to channel our inner Mariah Carey - and cover ourselves in butterfly print. On the catwalks, the Blumarine SS22 and Diesel AW22 shows saw more noughties nostalgia than we ever could have dreamed of. Skin-tight and super low-rise, washed-out denim. Rimless sunglasses which provide slim-to-no shade from the actual sun and silk scarves masquerading as skimpy handkerchief tops.

noughties trends Beyonce jeans

This got us thinking about some of the peak examples of mid-00s fashion and all the trends, some good and some not so good. Scarves as belts, boot-cut jeans and stilettos or denim skirts over leggings anyone?


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Jennifer Lopez's Cropped Cargo Pants noughties fashion1 of 21

Jennifer Lopez's Cropped Cargo Pants

There's a lot to breakdown in this outfit. Highlights include cropped cargo pants, a jaunty crochet beret, a sequin shrug AND a 'Passion' logo bag.

Victoria Beckham's Sunglasses noughties fashion2 of 21

Victoria Beckham's Sunglasses

This whole VB era is iconic. The bigger the shades the better - and we stand by it.

noughties fashion  Nicole Richie's Headscarf3 of 21

Nicole Richie's Headscarf

This whole outfit from Nicole is everything. The neon boob tube, the cross-body bag, the headscarf, it's peak 2000s.

noughties fashion Leighton Meester's Jeans And A Nice Top4 of 21

Leighton Meester's Jeans And A Nice Top

The ultimate 'It' girl combo; unbelievably low jeans and a pretty little top. She gets bonus points for the dangly earrings, teeny bag and cork wedges combo.

noughties fashion Beyoncu00e9's Pink Shag Bands5 of 21

Beyoncé's Pink Shag Bands

The polka dot two-piece is '00s enough, but throw in some neon pink accessories and the whole thing falls into place.

noughties fashion6 of 21

Lindsey Lohan's Boot-cut Jeans And Belt

A moment for this whole outfit. The fitted shirt. The wrap-around sunglasses. The chain belt that does absolutely nothing. Perfect.

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Christina Milian's Scarf Belt

Another entry for pointless belts - and this time it's the sparkly scarf version. Warning, do not go near these with any kind of jewellery: these scarves were snag city.

noughties fashion  Atomic Kitten's denim8 of 21

Atomic Kitten's Denim

Aren't Natasha's slim-line pedal pushers a thing of '00s beauty?

noughties fashion  Kate Mossu2019s yellow dress9 of 21

Kate Moss’s Yellow Dress

When Kate Moss collaborated with Topshop on a collection inspired by her greatest wardrobe hits, every cool-girl queued up for the little yellow dress. Psst - it's still available to buy on Vinted and eBay.

noughties fashion Lucy Liu's halter top10 of 21

Lucy Liu's Halter Top

The mid 2000s saw Liu become a halterneck connoisseur. This strappy black number is a particular highlight and wouldn't look out of place in 2022.

noughties fashion  Mary-Kate Olsenu2019s cowboy boots11 of 21

Mary-Kate Olsen’s Cowboy Boots

She's one half of the twin powerhouse behind Manhattan's most minimalist luxury brand, but back in the early noughties, Mary-Kate Olsen's wardrobe was all tangled necklaces, laddered tights and knee-high cowboy boots. I still remember making scrapbooks out of her courtside outfits on my bedroom floor. Sigh.

noughties fashion Zoe Kravitzu2019s waistcoat12 of 21

Zoë Kravitz's Waistcoat

I also remember wanting a school friend's collection of waistcoats. Weird, but true, although Zoë Kravitz's, paired with a tank top and bootcut jeans for an early red carpet appearance, is kind of ticking all the boxes. Right?

noughties fashion Nicole Richieu2019s headband13 of 21

Nicole Richie’s Headband

Another Nicole Richie appreciation entry. Post-The Simple Life, AKA the Rachel Zoe years, Richie's style was an endless goldmine of boho inspiration for noughties teenagers. Who else remembers trying, and failing, to make a headband across the forehead look this cool?

noughties fashion Ariana Grandeu2019s tattoo choker14 of 21

Ariana Grande’s Tattoo Choker

Chokers have been 'back' for years, but nothing will ever live up to their first incarnation - stretchy bands of plastic that looked a little like neck tattoos. FYI, you can still buy a pack of three from Claire's for under a fiver.

noughties fashion Rachel Bilsonu2019s bootleg jeans15 of 21

Rachel Bilson’s Boot-leg Jeans

They're so much more flattering than skinnies, but the word 'boot-leg' is still enough to strike fear into the hearts of most. This wasn't so in the early noughties, with The OC's Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts both paid-up fans of the flaring cut.

noughties fashion Beyoncu00e9's boob tube dress16 of 21

Beyoncé's Boob Tube Dress

Another entry for Queen B. Beyoncé wore one, and so did Carrie Bradshaw, yet a stretchy boob tube dress seems vaguely terrifying now. Who knows? If combat trousers and bandanas can do it, maybe boob tubes are due a comeback.

noughties fashion Melissa Joan Hartu2019s leather coats17 of 21

Melissa Joan Hart’s Leather Coats

Hands up if you used to daydream about being able to change outfits like Sabrina? We'll also take Melissa Joan Hart's burgundy leather coat. Thanks.

noughties fashion Tia and Tamara Mowryu2019s baker boy hats18 of 21

Tia and Tamara Mowry’s Baker Boy Hats

Of all the questionable hats belonging to the noughties hall of fame, the baker boy is perhaps the most underappreciated. Spotted here on Sister Sister's Tia and Tamara Mowry, we're thinking it's ripe for a renaissance (outside of Peaky Blinders).

noughties fashion  Cameron Diazu2019s strappy top19 of 21

Cameron Diaz’s Strappy Top

Oddly enough, Cameron Diaz's strappy top, metallic mule sandals and low-slung jeans could be part of Hailey Bieber or Bella Hadid's Instagram-approved wardrobe in 2022 .

noughties fashion Halle Berryu2019s tinted sunglasses20 of 21

Halle Berry’s Tinted Sunglasses

Halle Berry's sunset-coloured shades - note, without rims - were the cat's eye of the early noughties.

noughties fashion Reese Witherspoon's polo neck21 of 21

Reese Witherspoon's Polo Neck

Ah 2000, when celebrities wore (at least what looked like) their own clothes on the red carpet instead of gowns. Case in point, Reese Witherspoon's wardrobe of black polo necks and caramel leather trousers that defined the era's dress code: don't try too hard and definitely don't wear a dress.

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