The Gucci And Balenciaga Collection Is Now Available From Just £170, So You’ll Have To Be Quick

A major fashion moment, if ever there was one...

A model wearing a jacket on the catwalk at Gucci

by Natalie Hammond |

Gucci, under the creative directorship of Alessandro Michele, has positioned itself as mega-brand that is firmly planted in the future. While Balenciaga has its very own maverick at the reins, Demna Gvasalia. So when it was announced earlier this year that the two would be participating in what they called 'a mutual contamination', the fashion world was on the edge of its seat.

What commenced was a kind of 'hacking' between the two brands as part of Aria, Gucci's 100th anniversary show staged in April, where several looks were 'pilfered', to use the words from the film's own blurb, from Balenciaga, creating 'The Hacking Project'. To tease followers, Gucci posted a message conversation with the two industry titans, Michele and Gvasalia, on Stories. 'As you know this year is the 100th birthday of my little baby Gucci! What a perfect occasion to play with your creativity for Balenciaga in the show!' said Michele, with Gvasalia responding, 'Wow, one whole century, it's such a huge chapter for fashion history! And a reason to celebrate fashion once again.'

A model wearing a purple top as part of 'The Hacking Project'
©Greg Avenel

What Does Gucci And Balenciaga's 'The Hacking Project' Look Like?

A model wearing a beige skirt suit as part of 'The Hacking Project'
©Greg Avenel

What Gvasalia brought to the table were the sharp-shouldered silhouettes, open-necked puffer jackets, thigh-high sock boots and cult handbags that have come to define his tenure at Balenciaga. In one look, a model wore a moulded suit jacket and pencil skirt that were made of spangled silver fabric and printed with the names of both brands in bold capital letters. In another, what looked like a jockey's vest was worn with trouser boots covered in double GGs.

A model wearing a spangled silver skirt suit at Gucci

What Will Be The Most Popular Pieces From Gucci And Balenciaga's 'The Hacking Project'?

A model wearing a flower-print coat from 'The Hacking Project'
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The double-logoed accessories, which carry the insignia of both houses in this hybrid universe, come in all shapes and sizes. One that is sure to fly off the shelves is the Jackie 1961, Gucci's reissued shoulder bag that always sells like hotcakes, which is stamped with double GGs, as well as a repeating diagonal 'Balenciaga'. Balenciaga's famous sock boots, with their sharp toe and stiletto heel, are also available with double GGs, as is one of its most famous handbags, the Hourglass, which also has a large gold clasp in the shape of a 'B'. Balenciaga's Triple S trainers - a perennial favourite with sneakerheads - have also received the 'hacking' treatment, and its these new interpretations of signature pieces are sure to cause a stir.

When Does Gucci And Balenciaga's 'The Hacking Project' Go On Sale?

As of this morning, the collection is now available to buy online. Don't hang out. These, after all, have 'future collectibles' written all over them.

How Much Will Does Gucci And Balenciaga's 'The Hacking Project' Cost?

The silk foulards start from £170.


SHOP: Gucci And Balenciaga's 'The Hacking Project'

Small GG Marmont Bag, £1,850
1 of 14

Small Jackie 1961 Bag, £1,850
2 of 14

Knife Bootie, £970
3 of 14

Triple S Sneaker, £870
4 of 14

Small Hourglass Bag, £1,940
5 of 14

Knife Pump, £785
6 of 14

Crystal Hourglass Jacket, £8,000
7 of 14

Knife Boots, £1,740
8 of 14

Knife Pump, £695
9 of 14

Card Case Wallet, £345
10 of 14

Neo Classic Zip Around Wallet, £545
11 of 14

Floral Print Silk Neck Bow, £170
12 of 14

Lycra Top, £1,650
13 of 14

Crystal Skirt, £4,400
14 of 14

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