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The Surprising Reason Why Donald Trump Is A Fashion Influencer

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When you think of trend setters in the fashion world, Donald Trump isn’t someone who would normally come to mind. With his ill-fitting suits, questionable caps and tangerine complexion, Trump is more of an anti-style icon.

However, according to a report in the Inquirer, trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort has suggested that the President is having a bigger influence on fashion than we realised.

Edelkoort, a prolific trend forecaster, has identified two macro fashion trends that Trump has been partly responsible for. These are ‘bigger picture’ trends which filter down into the micro trends which end up influencing what designers create ,and what we actually wear.

Unsurprisingly, both trends Trump has influenced are to do with the way he treats women.

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Thanks to Trump’s continued misogyny and sexist behaviour we have seen what Edelkoort calls ‘a catalyst for women’s emancipation’ similar to what took place in the ‘70s and ‘80s. This has subsequently led to an increase in power dressing styles such as ‘pronounced shoulders, exaggerated sleeves, power suits and a focus on the waist.’

Similarly, Trump can also be blamed for our collective obsession with all things millennial pink. Edelkoort explains how pink has had a major resurgence after being used as the colour for women’s rights at the worldwide women’s marches earlier this year - a direct response to Trump's behaviour.

So there’s no need to panic, we won’t be seeing an increase in suits or a sudden influx of red ties on the high street. As Chrissy Hilton-Gee, the Associate Trend Manager at Trendspot told The Independent, in our modern world, fashion trends come from a smorgasbord of places.

‘The concept of 'fashion icon' today is being challenged as major political figures are influencing fashion through their beliefs rather than style,’ Hilton-Gee explained.

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