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Here's What Happened When Diesel Recruited A CEO On Facebook

© Diesel

Think it takes years of hard graft and round-the-clock networking and a good working relationship with at least three Kardashian-Jenners to land a top level job at one of the world’s biggest fashion brands? Think again.

When Diesel’s CEO Alessandra Bogliolo departed the company earlier this year, the brand immediately embarked on a quest to find someone to (literally) fill his seat. Their ingenious and tongue in cheek approach to this particular hiring conundrum? To launch a search on social media for a new CEO – in this case, that’s a Chair Executive Officer FYI.

The video campaign, which launched on Facebook earlier this month, saw the brand’s founder Renzo Russo encouraging new applicants to prove they have the requisite experience of being ‘good at sitting’ in an ‘important chair.’

‘Our CEO has left, leaving an empty space in our hearts and in our minds, but most importantly an empty chair,’ Russo explained, with a violin backing track striking a suitably mournful note. ‘So I’m looking for a new CEO – Chair Executive Officer.’ Prospective candidates were then invited to submit a gif to Diesel’s Facebook page to prove they have what it takes.

Four days and 2,000 photos, gifs and videos later, the brand decided upon a deserving winner to fill the chair: 29-year-old Daan Vervoort, a contemporary dancer from Belgium. According to Daan, ‘being good at sitting may not get you everywhere in life. But it can get you pretty, pretty far,’ which is certainly a philosophy we’re willing to embrace. For one week, he took his job very seriously, sitting around Diesel HQ while being cheered on by the brand’s staff and founder. Intrigued? You can find out exactly what he got up to in the video below…

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