Christine Quinn’s Maternity Wardrobe Is Completely Insane – And Utterly Irresistible

Fendi, Versace, lots of Chanel and everything bodycon.

christine quinn maternity clothes

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I'm assuming that you've been cancelling your plans for the past few days, given that season four ofSelling Sunset__ is now on Netflix. If you haven't, then I suggest you clear your diary for the foreseeable future – or long enough to watch 10 delicious episodes, anyway. Possibly all at once.

The scene-stealer of the series, it has to be said, is Christine Quinn. Obviously. But this isn't because of her dramatic crying (definitely real tears, you guys, ok?), her eye rolls (so exaggerated I was worried an eyeball might pop out at one point) or her hair, which appears to get longer every time she appears on screen. No, it is her clothes which completely dominate the entire show.

Pregnant Christine Quinn in Versace
Pregnant Christine Quinn in Versace

This is not just because Quinn's outfits happen to be the shortest, the tightest and the most overtly expensive. It's mostly because they are all of those things and more – the more here being the fact that they're being worn by a woman who is imminently due to give birth.

Of course, there's no reason why Quinn's, er, maternity style should come as a surprise. This is the woman who laughs in the face of a high heel and considers the term 'stripper shoes' a compliment of the highest order. For her first appearance in series four, Quinn wears a bodycon black dress, the skirt of which is completely sheer, which she teams with a 'purse' in the shape of a chair. Yes, that's right, AREA has made a small metal chair covered in crystals, charged $1000 for it and called it a bag. Of course Quinn bought it.

Christine Quinn in selling sunset pregnant

There are real bags, too. One of the most notable is the Dolce & Gabbana box bag which she takes to the dog party (to employ a popular phrase: if you know, you know). It's literally called the queen bag and costs £6,400. Or it did, anyway, before it sold out.

But while the endless bodycon outfits, sky-high heels and screaming logos are often outrageous (a Guy Laroche dress with extreme cut-out, which shows off flat abs mere moments, it seems, after having a baby), never subtle (I'm thinking of the £250 Kandee over-the-knee boots emblazoned with 'Rich AF' down the side) and just occasionally insane (I refer you back to the almost $1,000 chair that's definitely not a bag), they're also completely irresistible.

Christine Quinn pregnant Selling Sunset
Christine Quinn in a bodycon dress

Quinn is, after all, the stuff reality TV dreams are made of. She's over-the-top, seemingly uninterested in what others think of her and entirely entertaining. And her style absolutely embodies this. As she says so profoundly, just a short while after giving birth: 'I feel like since I'm a mom, my fashion sense is, like, a little less hoey, a little more maternal. But, I mean no. Who am I kidding? I'm still a ho.'

Just to double check that this approach to getting dressed when you're pregnant/have literally just birthed a child isn't, in fact, considered de rigueur, I double checked with Rebecca, my esteemed colleague who is pregnant with her second child. Surprisingly, she's not averse to the idea of bodycon.

Christine Quinn at her baby shower
Christine Quinn at her baby shower

'Assuming it's very stretchy, skintight is actually probably quite comfortable when you're mega pregnant, because I would imagine it would be quite supportive (although I would be very intrigued to know if Christine is wearing some sort of girdle to hold everything in place). High heels at 8 months pregnant sounds like my idea of hell though.'

Interesting. But what does Rebecca make of one of Quinn's earliest postpartum looks which, along with those 'Rich AF' boots involved a thong-bottomed, skin-tight bodysuit from LaQuan Smith?

'Absolutely f***ing not.'


SEE: Christine Quinn's Maternity Wardrobe

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe1 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

If the show is to be believed (how dare anyone suggest otherwise), this is the day Quinn went into labour. So of course she chose a gingham bodycon dress and high, high heels.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe2 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

Not that you can see them here but even Quinn's shoes matched her dress and hat. All Versace, obv.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe3 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

The best bit about this look? The fact that Quinn was literally dripping in Chanel jewellery.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe4 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

The first time we see Quinn on the show after she's had her baby, she's wearing form-fitting Fendi. Very relatable.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe5 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

The sheer, skin-tight outfit was only upstaged by Quinn's crystal chair 'purse'.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe6 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

For her baby shower, Quinn wore a custom Ryan & Walter dress, consisting of a beaded corset and feather-trim skirt.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe7 of 13
CREDIT: @thechristinequinn

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

An off-shoulder white bodycon dress and patent black heels is relatively dressed down for Quinn at this point.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe8 of 13
CREDIT: @thechristinequinn

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

If you were wondering whether or not Quinn ever wears sweatpants, the answer is no. But she did wear a Louis Vuitton tracksuit. With heels, obv.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe9 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

Another Ryan & Walter creation for the MTV Movie Awards 2021. Quinn is NINE months pregnant here.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe10 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

Apparently, Quinn wore this Guy Laroche dress about a month after giving birth. Ok.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe11 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

This printed corset and leggings set comes from Alejandro Collection and Quinn decided it could only be matched with Dolce & Gabbana's box bag. If you were wondering what one possibly wears to a birthday party held in honour of two dogs, this is it.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe12 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

Ever one for subtlety, Quinn chose to pair Kandee's 'Rich AF' boots with a zebra bodysuit from LaQuan Smith.

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe13 of 13

christine quinn pregnant wardrobe

Imagine. You've just had a baby and you hear your arch enemy is sitting at your desk in the office. What do you wear to introduce your baby to your colleagues while also sending a less-than-discreet message to said enemy? You wear a hot pink two-piece and pretend you've never met her before.

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