Carrie Bradshaw Had To Pay For Her Louboutins On SATC (Just Like Everyone Else)


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It seems that Carrie Bradshaw really meant it when she said, "I have this little substance abuse problem... expensive footwear."

The designer beyond one of her most beloved brand of shoes - Christian Louboutin - has revealed he never once gifted a freebie to the hit HBO show.

Producers had to pay every last dollar of the iconic red-heeled creations sported by Carrie and co., even though their wardrobe department was inundated by free clothes and shoes by other labels keen to benefit from SATC's seal of approval.

Speaking at a Q&A session in New York this weekend, Louboutin revealed that he was initially unaware of the buzz around SATC in the mid-90s - because he lived in France and didn't watch TV.

Carrie Bradshaw and her shoe-loving crew

He recalls how legendary retailer Jeffrey Kalinsky urged him to create shoes for the programme, in return for the SATC effect of great publicity.

Louboutin told Kalinsky, "Yes, I know. They [the SATC wardrobe department] called me but they don’t want to pay... Nothing is great publicity when it doesn’t pay. That’s my job. I design shoes and people buy them."

Louboutin says he later met SATC star Sarah Jessica Parker, whom he describes as "a bit of a shoe freak, which is kind of nice".

The designer added that he doesn't gift his heels to celebrities or famous clients, either - because the act of handing over cash for a pair of beautiful shoes makes the process more special, and more democratic.

"You're dying to have this thing or that thing? That's an important feeling that everybody should be able to have, regardless of how famous you are. So, it's actually an act of charity that I'm doing [by not giving away the shoes for free]," he said.

"That said, I give shoes to friends — so if you're a friend, celebrity or not, I give shoes," he added. "But I'm not saying all stars are good friends of mine."

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