Burberry’s Christmas Ad Is Like No Festive Advert You’ve Seen Before

Burberry’s Christmas Ad Is Like No Festive Advert You’ve Seen Before

    By Lucy Morris Posted 28 days ago

    Think Christmas advert and likely a soaring snowman or a doe-eyed child pulling at your heartstrings comes to mind. With competition to break through the festive noise fiercer than ever brands are taking risks with the format. Iceland, for instance, has had their’s banned (too political), Sainsbury’s has been called derivative (‘smacks of John Lewis’ according to the Guardian). In our mind, Burberry might be one of the few digging deep into their brand mythology to come up with something distinctively fresh.

    Naomi Campbell and her mother, Kristen Scott Thomas, M.I.A. and Valerie Morris-Campbell star in the short film, which was unveiled today. It was shot and directed by rising art world star Juno Calypso, who is best known for her eerie photographs of powder pink bathrooms with women entrenched in otherworldly beauty treatments. While previous Burberry campaigns (under Christopher Bailey’s tenure) were musically explosive, packed with Brit stars and fuzzy festive feelings, Calpyso and Riccardo Tisci’s vision is more conceptual. Still starring British celebrities and still steeped in English eccentricity, but this time with a more commanding vision.

    Wes Anderson fans will enjoy the dedication to colour and symmetry as the advert moves through very British vignettes, like a pie-and-mash shop, a plush dining room and a commuter carriage (albeit with TB monogrammed seats).

    ‘I wanted to portray a more realistic British Christmas, but still shot through a fantasy lens.’, said Calypso, ‘The campaign takes you through all the key seasonal rituals, both good and bad. That’s what brings us together.’

    Of course, what would a Christmas campaign be without product? Kristen Scott Thomas models a trench coat and silk scarf while Naomi Campbell and her mother, Valerie Morris-Campbell, wear pieces from the forthcoming Vivienne Westwood and Burberry collaboration, which launches on the 6th December.

    ‘Being part of the festive campaign has been nothing short of incredible’, says Naomi, ‘Over the past few years, Burberry has become known for these campaigns and I feel honoured to take part in another one. I have always loved Burberry for its distinctive British feel and I am so excited to work alongside a cast which includes my own mother, Valerie. Working with her brought back so many memories of the holidays and traditions I had growing up – so that felt extremely special.’

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