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Spotted: Blair Waldorf's Favourite Headband For Sale

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Whether she was on the steps of the Met with Serena, bossing Dorota around in her Fifth Avenue abode, or charming Chuck at one of the many Upper East Side parties, Blair would never leave the house without a hairband. She had an overflowing wardrobe of hairband styles from simple ribbon designs to extravagant floral corsage creations.

If, like us, you were forever trying to recreate Blair’s signature look at home but never had much success, we have some exciting news.

To celebrate ten years since the hit show landed on our screens, Jennifer Behr, the New York designer who made a number of Blair’s much-loved headbands, has reissued one of her all-time favorite designs.

‘SPOTTED: your all-time favorite headband Blair wore on Gossip Girl is BACK on our site for a limited time, to celebrate 10 years since her TV debut. Get yours before S steals your thunder and does it first... Link in bio xoxo JB,’ the brand wrote on Instagram.

Worn by Blair in the episode The Ex-Files, Blair styled the double crystal scallop headwrap with a white lace cape.

Handmade of Swarovski crystals in New York, the headwrap features an intricate scallop pattern and is finished in the back with elastic for a perfectly comfortable fit.

Unfortunately if you want to get in on the action you need a Blair budget: the sparkling item will set you back $325 (approximately £245).

Shop here.

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