Exclusive: The ‘It’ Accessory A-listers Are Taking On Holiday This Summer

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Bikinis? Zara dresses in varying degrees of floral? Mini-sized bottles of everything in Boots? Usually low on the priority list when it comes to the summer vaycay splurge...Travel Luggage. Though that’s all set to change this season, thanks to one buzzed-about brand fashion editors can't stop talking about RN...

AWAY – founded by New York-based jet setters Steph Korey and Jen Rubio – has rapidly gained traction on Instagram since launching in February 2016 thanks to a recent sell-out collaboration with Pop & Suki and fans including Karlie Kloss, Emily Ratajkowski, Margot Robbie and more. And now wanderlust wannabes can get in on the action too as the rising, tech-infused label has finally launched in the UK.

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‘A couple of years ago, my suitcase fell apart at the airport and I struggled to find a replacement,’ Jen tells Grazia. ‘All of the options I found were either nice, but prohibitively expensive, or cheap and flimsy.’

‘People wanted something lightweight and durable, with four smooth wheels and plenty of room to pack their belonging,’ Steph says. ‘Because everyone’s phones die whilst traveling, we added a built-in battery to our carry-on bags, which come in six core colours; black, navy, dark green, sand, brick, and grey.’

There are other thoughtful features too - like a removable laundry bag and built-in lock. ‘Away luggage has everything you need and nothing you don’t,’ Korey adds. ‘And it’s a third of the price of other suitcases of similar quality because we’re a direct to consumer brand.’

Affordable luxury is definitely having a moment in the fashion and beauty sphere (see KITRI, The Ordinary Skincare et al), but up until now has yet to properly catch on in the luggage department (monogrammed Louis Vuitton cases Joan Collins-style seen as the ultimate ‘status symbol’).

But a chic + robust + lightweight suitcase based on what modern travellers actually need = happy holiday-goer.

Dream holiday booked? AWAY founders reveal their top three tips to pack like a pro this season…

"Flat pack your clothes! It not only prevents wrinkling, it allows you to fit way more in your suitcase. We compared it to rolling and were able to fit in several extra outfits by flat-packing."

"Travel often? Keep a wash bag of travel-sized toiletries packed and ready to go at all times. It alleviates the stress of trying to pack tiny shampoos and moisturisers in the night-before packing frenzy."

"If you’re going from place to place, group your clothing together by destination (and even go as far as to separate it in packing cubes). This is how we go from beach to board meeting to formal event without pulling apart everything in our suitcase at each stop."

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