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The Alternative Bridal Line All The Cool Girls Will Be Wearing

© Dilara Findikoglu

Or so we predict...

If you’re the friend that sneers at Say Yes To The Dress, that prides herself on buying from the buzziest brands first then bridalwear likely fills you with a combination of intrigue and dread. After all, your wedding day requires more than just any old dress, but in the sea of frothy white gowns cutting through the frou-frou to find something individual and interesting is about as straightforward as the plot of the Matrix.

London Fashion Week’s resident goth Dilara Findikoglu has designed tour clothing for Marilyn Manson and created a time-hopping Donald Trump-bashing comic book titled ‘Warrior Sorceress’. So, you’d be forgiven for not seeing Dilara’s latest career move coming. However, this Turkish-British designer has an eye for the fantastical and an ease at sewing together romance and rebellion. Her creations, which rely heavily on anachronistic references and hand finishing make an impact, which after all is the desired effect for many brides. And, this designer knows 'dresses that look like cakes, bad embroidery and lack of individuality' is the very last thing an alt bride wants.

The made-to-measure line includes pannier dresses with deep scooping necklines, Georgian suits with dresscoats that look like a Baroque take on_Beatle Juice_and tulle gowns in Dilara’s quintessential ruby red and pastel pink. ‘I wanted to make a collection which questioned the meaning of love and to challenge the way in which society views marriage and sexuality. Exploring all the ways in which we love one another, ourselves and those who have rebelled against conventions and rules,' explains Dilara, 'I don't think any other brand considered same sex marriages when designing their wedding lines. I wanted to change how limited wedding tradition have been in the past and be more inclusive'.

Dilara’s work has already graced the backs of several fashion insiders. WGSN’s denim editor Samuel Trotman and his stylist and creative director wife In Woo wore matching Findikoglu red and white suits for their big day. Likewise, when poets Robert Montgomery and Greta Bellamacina got married the bride wore a Dilara creation. Hers was white with black accents and a train embroidered with a poem, obviously.