Serena Williams Has A Legit Reason For Not Gifting Meghan Markle The Whole Of Her Fashion Line

Serena Williams Has A Legit Reason For Not Gifting Meghan Markle The Whole Of Her Fashion Line

    By Lucy Morris Posted 6 days ago

    It’s been well-documented the ‘effect’ Meghan Markle has on sales (just ask Hiut Denim who still struggle to keep the jeans the Duchess of Sussex wore in stock), so one would imagine designers are fighting to dress the royal. Especially those that have a personal tie to the Duchess. But, not Serena Williams. No, in fact, Serena is very picky about the pieces she lets Meghan wear.

    Over the course of Meghan and Prince Harry’s well-documented royal tour of Australia, the Duchess wore a grey blazer from the tennis star’s fashion line. Whilst visiting Dubbo on the second day of her trip she shrugged it over a white shirt from Maison Kitsuné and with jeans by Outland Denim and boots from J.Crew. Serena seemed over the moon with her royal seal of approval, writing ‘The face you make when you and Duchess of Sussex Meghan have matching @serena blazers 😍’ on her Instagram.

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    ‘I love when Meghan wears our pieces,’ the tennis pro told People. However, Williams has had to alter her expectations of what her long-standing friend will wear from her collection. With her new title - Duchess of Sussex - Meghan now has to live by certain demure sartorial protocols, which include muted nail polish and how to wear a tiara.

    ‘We don’t [send her the whole line] because some of that stuff we know is like, OK, maybe she wouldn’t be looking at the colour-block pants because I don’t know if it’s appropriate,’ she added, ‘But years ago, I would have, you know? But now, I have to really think about it.’

    To be fair, we would quite like to see Meghan take on a royal photo op in those colour-block trousers.

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