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How Meghan Markle’s Favourite Denim Designer Hosts A Memorable Party

© Stay Curious: How We Created a World Class Event in a Cowshed

In a remote corner of Wales, where phone signal is patchy (as I found out the hard way), one of Meghan Markle’s favourite denim labels hosts an annual get-together for the ‘progressively minded’. It’s intimate, it’s rustic and supposedly it’s life-changing.

Clare Hieatt and her husband, David, spend four days a week running Hiut Denim, which the Duchess famously wore in January (and instantly sent their sales spinning), and one day planning their mini-festival, Do Lectures.

‘We started Do Lectures 10-years-ago as a side project to our business. It was an event for our customers where they could learn some new skills and hear some inspirational speakers to set them on a path if they want to change their life’. Says Clare, ‘It was very small and it is still a very small event as it is dictated by the size of the barn on our farm, that can only fit 150 people, but that’s kind of the beauty of it as well’.

Though they founded this three-day event before our current social media fever pitch, the Hieatt's have always ensured it's been both intellectually and aesthetically stimulating. Guests sleep in a circle of teepees and enjoy gourmet banquets, wander through woods and then sit entranced by a series of cosy talks. Clare recalls hosting Colin Greenwood from Radiohead for a Sunday morning chat as a personal favourite, as well as Sir Tim Berners Lee, the founder of the internet, and Perry Chen who left the tepee and launched Kickstarter. ‘It’s an eclectic mix of people’, she admits, but that’s the charm. That and the food, and the bucolic setting.

To celebrate a decade of Do Lectures, the Hieatt’s have written a book, Stay Curious: How We Created a World Class Event in a Cowshed, which is out on the 4th of October. ‘We wanted it to be more than just a picture book of the Do Lectures, but be a useful tool as well,’ says Clare, ‘if you have an event, or party, or a wedding there are actual tips that can help you. It’s very much out style, which is very outdoorsy, using all the natural elements of where we live in west Wales.’

You can see an excerpt of the book’s ‘Detail’ chapter below: