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An A-Z Guide To Dressing Like The Olsen Twins

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Now all we need is an identical sister...

Picture the most fashionable woman you’ve ever seen. Now, times her by two. What do you have? The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, of course.

Ever since the duo graced our screens back in 1998 in the very first episode of Two Of A Kind, we’ve been seeking to imitate Mary-Kate and Ashley's cult aesthetic. Whether it was the rose-tinted sunglasses they donned in the nineties or their co-ordinating crop-tops come the noughties, we couldn't help but wish we could be as effortlessly cool as them.

Fast-foward two decades and the twins have built a fashion empire. No longer is their style synonymous with printed bandanas and boho kaftans: these days, the The Row co-founders and Met Gala regulars rely on a wardrobe built solely on minimal hues, supersized silhouettes and practicality. At 32 years of age, the Olsen twins are undoubtedly at the top of their sartorial game: we challenge you to find someone who has acquired a chicer coffee run...

So, if you didn't manage to nail their aesthetic in the nineties or noughties, then here's your chance to finally fulfill your teenage ambition and adopt their signature style...


Androgyny. The Olsen twins have been donning tailored co-ords, oversized blazers and double-breasted coats since day one. Take inspo from your dad's wardrobe, stat.


Black on black on black on black...

Layer minimal hues and juxtapose fabrics in Olsen true style © Getty

You get the picture. It’s the sartorial rule we’re pretty much convinced that the Olsen twins introduced. Break it up with juxtaposing fabrics. We're talking layering up chunky knits, faux-fur and silk. It's the sartorial recipe to success.


Curate a durable wardrobe. The Olsen twins have perfected the art of transseasonal dressing with interchangeable looks and vintage pieces. Gone are the days of the weekly shop. Sorry Zara...


Dad dressing. The Olsen twins have achieved the impossible. They made Birkenstocks cool. So invest in oversized jumpers, boxy shirts and tailored trousers to accompany them, asap. Or simply borrow from your pops.


Elizabeth and James. Back in 2007, Mary-Kate and Ashley gave the fashion industry the greatest gift of all. The chance to dress like them. We're talking palazzo trousers, silk robes and navy co-ords. Get yourself on the website, asap.


Forget the hairbrush. The Olsen twins first introduced us to the art of effortless styling back in the nineties and ever since, we've been desperately trying to imitate the look. Opt for middle-parted tresses and forget the blowdry. Finish with supersized chandelier-esque earrings.


Grunge but not as you know it. The Olsen twins often juxtapose wet-look hair with layered velvet and supersized earrings. So when dressing, make like an Olsen and finish a flute-sleeved dress with loafers or accessorise tailored co-ords with stacked jewellery. It's all about toughening up traditionally feminine pieces.


Hair-tuck. It’s the oldest trick in the book. And it seems the Olsen twins have bookmarked it. When donning a navy roll neck à la Olsen, scrape middle-parted tresses into the nape of the collar. It’s the high fashion answer to shopping woes. Consider the trick a makeshift accessory.


Invest. Unfortunately, you're not likely to spot the Olsens in Zara anytime soon. But you needn't rely on the high street store so much. Simply stick to a strict shopping list and pinky promise to avoid impulse buys. The Olsens don't play by the fashion rules and you won't see them donning the latest trends anytime soon...


Jumpers. The Olsen twins introduced us to the art of the luxe knit. We're talking a jumper which will take you from work to drinks yet will still perform well on afternoon strolls come the weekend. Invest in navy and pair with black tailored trousers and slip-on mules. Accessorise with layered jewellery and stacked rings.


Kitten heels. Yes, they're back and the Olsen twins knew way before us. While we were chuckling at anyone who dare don the debatable shoe, the twins were teaming theirs with floor-skimming velvet robes, tailored trousers and half-tucked shirts. Oops.


Layer up. The Olsen twins have perfected the sartorial art of layering and practice the skill regradless of the season. This is by far the greatest rule to follow when tackling the craft of airport dressing. Layer hoodies beneath tailored double-breasted coats and tuck middle-parted tresses into chunky knits. This is the go-to trend for lazy fashion girls.

Opt for oversized duster jackets, rolled-up boyfriend jeans and tuck your hair in your collar © Getty


Mismatch your jewellery. Make like an Olsen and don oversized vintage jewels no matter what the occasion. Heading to Starbucks? That's a legitimate excuse to don chandelier-esque earrings if you ask us.


Navy is the fashionable duo's favourite colour, well, asides from black of course. The twins often team the hue with monochrome so invest in chunky knits, tailored coats and cropped trousers in the minimal shade.


Oversized sunglasses are the one accessory the Olsen twins have in common with the likes of Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckham. Wear them inside, outside or just to the nearest Starbucks. It's time to go incognito.

Make sure to invest in a hefty supply of sunnies © Getty


Play with proportions. The Olsen twins, who are just 5'2, know how to don supersized silhouettes well. Mary Kate told Interview magazine back in 2011: "When I was young, clothes were really just about what fit, because Ashley and I were so tiny. So I understood fit before I understood style."


Queens of the Met Gala.

What's a fashion theme to the Olsen twins? © Getty

Never ones to follow the latest trends, the Olsens tend to ignore the theme but never fail to reign on the style front. They're the only ones you'll spot in loafers and that, our friends, is why we adore them so much.


Ripped jeans layered beneath a chunky navy knit is the go-to look for an Olsen on-the-go. Simply accessorise with supersized sunnies and preferably have a coffee cup to hand.


Sandals. The Olsen twins donned Birkenstocks before our dads even realised they were cool again. Though, we've yet to spot a twin in Crocs...


Tailored. The Olsens are skilled in the art of dressing for your shape and height. Invest in elevated basics such as the simple white tee, navy tailored trousers and snug-fitting coats. When gracing the red carpet, it's all about drawing attention to the waist for the Olsen twins. So when donning oversized shirts and dresses, nip the waist in with corset belts and clever ruching. We wonder if they watched Trinny and Susannah as religiously as we did...


Utility. The number one rule when imitating the sartorial art of the Olsens is thinking practical. Heading out in tailored co-ords? Finish with box-fresh trainers. Choose a pyjama-style suit over your go-to slip dress and remember, loafers can make just as much of an impact as heels.


Vintage. We're not saying you need to raid the local charity shop but make like an Olsen and don gold velvet, stack costume jewellery and carry a miniature handbag on the crook of your arm at all times.


Wear and wear again. The trick is to invest in transseasonal pieces. Take sartorial inspiration from the Olsen twins and curate a multifunctional wardrobe. How, you may ask? Bag tees in navy, white and black. Invest in cropped jeans, tailored trousers and draw-string skirts. Oh, and don't forget to make sure you have a hefty supply of sunnies. They're a necessity...


XXL. Supersize your shirts, opt for oversized outerwear and always remember to roll up ankle-skimming trousers.


Young. The Olsen twins rose to fame at the tender age of three and soon became renowned for their aesthetic thanks to their first personal stylist Judy Swartz.

The Olsens have been sartorially twinning since day one © Getty

Cue co-ordinating dungaree dresses, nineties strappy heels and matching hairstyles regardless of the decade. These girls have been sartorially twinning since day one. Fact.


Zac Posen. The Olsen twins learnt their sartorial artform from the designer as teens. So make sure to follow suit and seek inspo from your go-to muses.