It’s 2021 – Isn’t It Time To Stop Speculating Whether Celebrities Have Had Cosmetic Procedures?

As a documentary about Charlotte Crosby airs, and Zac Efron trends on Twitter, many still have an outdated obsession with guessing whether stars have had 'work' done.

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by Bonnie McLaren |

It's 2021, but there's still a gross obsession with speculating on whether celebrities have had cosmetic surgery. If you needed any more evidence that there's an appetite for dissecting somebody's appearance, then look to Channel 5, who aired a 'documentary' on Friday as part of their series Celebrities: What Happened to Your Face? Last Thursday. the show's subject was Charlotte Crosby - and, after the episode aired, the Geordie Shore star condemned the programme, saying that her agent had told the production company - Crackit - 'how detrimental this would be to [Charlotte's] mental health' when she found out it was being commissioned.

'At a time when the broadcast & media were backing a policy of "be kind", Channel 5 and Crackit decided to commission this 1-hour special on "rubber lips Charlotte" (their words, not mine),' the reality star added. 'Their "experts" dissected my "plastic face", discussing my fluctuating weight (with images), and then decided to flash up the worst troll comments from the last 5-6 years.' In the statement, Charlotte also spoke about her 'public battle with [her] appearance', adding that she has gone through 'personal trauma & issues of self-confidence in the spot-light'.

Channel 5 have since apologised for the programme, and removed it from streaming services. And while the channel are, clearly, in the wrong, it's easy to see why it was commissioned - people still love to attack celebrities when they think they've had any type of cosmetic procedure done (which is ridiculous, as stars are often castigated if they don't appear to have 'work' - sometimes, they really can't win). Charlotte has been very open about the procedures she has had, and while that's admirable, nobody owes the public an explanation about their looks. Also, the fact she has been open about cosmetic surgery doesn't mean that she was fair game to have a documentary aired about it. No matter how confident or open someone might seem, it's difficult to imagine the devastating impact this type of programme could have.

And sadly, within the same weekend, there was another example of people's obsession with 'changing faces' when Zac Efron was trending on Twitter following a clip of the actor in Earth Day! The Musical. In screenshots taken from the video, some, in very nasty comments, were discussing the actors looks and whether he had undergone cosmetic work. Thankfully, Zac had a plethora of people sticking up for him, with many pointing out that the 33 year old has opened up about his difficulties with body dysmorphia in the past. And as another pointed out, even though Zac rose to fame in High School Musical, he's not going to remain looking 21 for the rest of his life.

Both Zac and Charlotte are hugely popular celebrities, each with incredibly different, and successful careers. And while they might be famous, this doesn't give anyone a free pass to dissect their looks. Both have opened up about having body image issues in the public eye, but, even if they hadn't, these kind of comments still aren't justified. At the end of the day, celebrities are still normal people, with the same insecurities as everyone else.

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