Is Zac Efron TV’s Hottest Travel Presenter?

We're here for the High School Musical actor's new career.

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Zac Efron is back - and he has reinvented himself as a travel presenter. Over the weekend, the actor’s new travel series Down To Earth launched on Netflix, which sees the 32-year-old travel the world with wellness expert Darin Olien to find healthy, sustainable ways to live.

While the series has received some lacklustre reviews from critics (the Independent called it 'hopelessly simplistic') meanwhile, on the internet, people have been incredibly thirsty about it. And his new beard.

‘I didn’t know lumberjack Zac Efron was something I needed,’ one tweeted, while another added that he’d actually just saved the whole of 2020. (Which, to be honest, with how badly this year has gone, it’s not difficult.) Some however were shocked at his change of career, as someone wrote, 'Watching a eco-travelogue about Sardinia and finding Zac Efron attractive in it was not how I expected to spend my 2020.' (Us neither, tbh.)

But fans of Zac right since the days of High School Musical weren't exactly surprised that everyone is enjoying the show. ‘Zac Efron has been peak at basically every age,’ one added. ‘Dreamy non threatening teen dream, college age swoony, muscley late 20 something, and now...this.’

If you are enjoying Zac on Down To Earth, then we have some good news for you, as there will be another series where the actor goes travelling - but this one sounds a lot more scary. Killing Zac Efron, which will see Zac attempt to survive out in the wild like an American Bear Grylls{ =nofollow}, is soon going to be coming to Quibi. But it didn't go without fault, as he was taken to hospital after being hit by suspected typhoid while filming the series in Papua New Guinea.

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