Black Mirror’s Anjana Vasan: ‘I Would Love To Explore Demon 79 Again – But In A Different Universe’

Making her mark in Black Mirror's newest season, you've likely seen this actor before...

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_Black Mirror_season six has finally hit Netflix, bringing yet another series of eerie-yet-perplexing plots for viewers to sink their teeth into – and one of the hit TV show’s newest stars is Anjana Vasan. Anjana appears in the final episode of the season titled Demon 79, playing Nida - who's life takes an unexpected turn.

Grazia caught up with Anjana to talk all things Black Mirror. As we know, Black Mirror tackles a lot of heavy subjects, so how did Anjana decompress after the intensity of the storylines? She tells us, 'I think even though Nida goes through hell basically - there are moments of humour and wit in the episodes, so I really held on to those moments.'

She adds,'I think when you're doing something that feels intense, you want to find light moments and silly moments when the camera is not on to like have a good laugh. I think that was the balance. There's a lot of like screaming and crying and then off camera once we were told cut we would just have a good giggle I think that helped to like cope with the intensity.'

When Grazia quizzed Anjana and Paapa Essiedu ( who plays Demon Gaap in the episode) if they would be open to exploring the world of Demon 79 again, they both agreed they would love to. Paapa says,'I think we should do it all again.' Anjana adds,' Like Groundhog Day - but we're in a different universe.' As Paapa chimes in, 'Yeah, you get a second chance to reverse it.' Netflix, you know what to do!

Who is Anjana Vasan?

Anjana Vasan appears in the show as Nida - a quiet sales assistant who (in true Black Mirror form) finds herself thrust into a dark, dark situation. Series creator Charlie Brooker opened up about the newest installment of the Netflix show, teasing fans that the series would ‘include a few new elements, including some I’ve previously sworn blind the show would never do.’

And whilst Anjana might be a new face in the world of Black Mirror, she certainly isn’t the new kid on the block when it comes to acting. Having starred in hit TV shows and a BAFTA nomination, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen her before.

Has Anjana Vasan been in Black Mirror before?

Yes! Eagle-eyed fans will remember Anjana from season three's 'Nosedive.' However, she was painted in all silver so it would be difficult for viewers to notice she was in the episode. She tells Grazia,'I honestly didn't think I was going to get the part of Nida, because I was already on the show previously. It was so exciting to be back. I just felt like the luckiest person in the world to get to do it twice.'

How old is Anjana Vasan?

Born on 31 January 1987, Anjana is currently 36 years old.

Where is Anjana Vasan from?

Anjana was born in Chennai, India, before moving to Singapore when she was just four years old. With her acting career flourishing, the star currently lives in London.

Where did Anjana Vasan study?

The budding actor completed her undergraduate degree in the National University of Singapore, before relocating to Cardiff in 2011 to study at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.

Opening up about her move to the UK, she told The Guardian ‘I went to Royal Welsh because they allowed me to Skype in for my recall audition, rather than fly back and forth. I’d never been to the UK before, so it was a very new experience.'

What shows has Anjana Vasan been in?

Anjana’s first feature film debut came in 2015’s live action Cinderella, before she landed herself the lead role in an acclaimed 2019 production of A Doll’s House at the Lyric.

Having appeared on iconic stages such as the Globe and the National, the star is best known for her Bafta-nominated performance as a PhD student turned punk singer Amina in We Are Lady Parts, appeared as assassin-in-training Pam in the final season of Killing Eve, made a brief cameo appearance as a reporter in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and has starred alongside Paul Mescal at the Almeida theatre’s A Streetcar Named Desire.

Anjana Vasan (right) starring in <em>Spider-Man</em>:Far from Home alongside Tom Holland.

And Black Mirror isn’t the only project the actress is adding to her CV. She’s set to appear in upcoming British comedy film Wicked Little Letters, alongside Olivia Coleman and Jessie Buckley.

What awards has Anjana Vasan won?

After receiving rave reviews for her performance as Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire, Anjana won the 2023 Olivier Award for best actress in a supporting role. Anjana also received nominations at the 2022 BAFTAS, National Comedy Awards, and Independent Spirit Awards for her role in We Are Lady Parts.

Is Anjana Vasan a singer?

Apart from being a television and stage actress, Anjana is also a talented singer/songwriter! She released her debut EP Too Dark For Country in 2017, before releasing Strange Country Jukebox in 2021.

What is Anjana Vasan's Instagram?

Yes, she does! You can keep up to date with the star over on Instagram @anjvasan.

What time does Black Mirror come out?

To check out Anjana’s performance, head on over to Netflix to stream the lastest episodes of Black Mirror, with Season 6 available now!

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