What Happened To Taylor Swift’s 4th July Parties?

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Not so long ago, 4th July celebrations in the United States were a key part of brand Taylor Swift. All American, all wholesome, all the celebrity friends to show off on social media.

If there was an A-lister to rely upon to throw a huge party, invite loads of famous faces and humble brag about how great a time they had, it was Swifty. But things went down a little differently this year. In fact, we're not sure anything went down at all.

Contrary to our expectations, we haven't heard a peep from the pop star in days. Granted, Taylor has been busy on her Reputation tour, but could it be that the princess of patriotic social media celebrations has given up on her once legendary Independence Day parties?

Allow us to speculate for a moment. If we look back to the Taylor Swift backlash of 2016-2017, we'll also note it was the year that Taylor's Independence Day priorities took a backseat. No red white and blue bouncy castles. No stars and stripes cakes. No matching swim suits for all of her supermodel pals. The T-party was officially over.

From then we watched as a new Taylor Swift emerged. A sassy, defiant, squad-free Taylor who monetised her so-called bad reputation. She kissed the happy-go-lucky sparklers on the beach goodbye and U-turned towards for a completely different aesthetic - one that demands peroxide blond hair but didn't lend itself to public parades of cross-circle relationships. What a great loss for social media, eh?

If Taylor were to have had a secret 4th July party this year though, a sure-fire way of predicting the guest list has always been to take a close look at the people she's shared the stage with recently. Here's how that would have shaped up...

Having spent much of the lead up to the occasion here in the UK, the closest we've gotten to an Old Taylor revival is a couple of relatively low-key appearances with some British celebs. While touring the UK Taylor invited ex-One Directioner Niall Horan to join her on stage. It's hard to tell whether they're real life pals or it was just a happy musical opportunity for them to share, but it's likely he would've gotten an invite.

Not long after, Robbie Williams popped down to Wembley to sing Angels while Taylor played the piano. An unlikely but enjoyable musical match indeed, but we'll go with it.

One night Adele and JK Rowling even turned up to watch the show and yes, of course they popped back stage to say hello. But as far as our social media investigations go, Taylor Swift seems to have been laying low once this year and, much like last, has not shared even an inkling about how she celebrated. Clearly the 4th July just isn't a priority any more. Quality time with Robbie Williams and JK Rowling is definitely up there, though.

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Taylor Swift Transformation SLIDER

taylor1 of 38

2006 - Age 16

Country Singer/Songwriter rocking the country boots and blonde ringlets at the 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.

taylor2 of 38

2006 - Age 16

With a full head of curls and guitar in hand, this young faced Taylor is the face the world was introduced to.

taylor3 of 38

2007 - Age 17

Taylor ditches the boots for a minute for a strapless mid length sequined dress for the CMT music awards, receiving the award for 'Breakthrough Video of the Year' .

taylor4 of 38

2007 - Age 17

Pretty certain that under that extra long mint green train, are those brown country boots T-Swift loves so much.

taylor5 of 38

2007 - Age 17

After glamming out her country boots - with Taylor and Swift printed in red love hearts on each boot - Taylor is really going for it out on stage. Least we know whose boots they belong to if they were lost back stage!

taylor6 of 38

2007 - Age 17

Arriving at the 2007 American Music Awards on the Red Carpet in a LBD and country boots; wouldn't expect anything less from the rising star.

taylor7 of 38

2008 - Age 18

It's blonde curls as usual for the country star, with maybe just a bit too much blue eyeshadow with that halter neck purple mini dress. Fear not, things will soon be changing.

taylor8 of 38

2008 - Age 18

Looking super cute at the MTV's Total Request Live in '08

taylor9 of 38

2008 - Age 18

Taylor definitely looks like she belongs on stage! Running up and down stage in her country boots and long curls, this has become the starlets trademark i'd say.

taylor10 of 38

2008 - Age 18

As she walks up to collect yet another music award, T doesn't look so young anymore with her hair pinned back and a beautiful drop down strapless gown.

taylor11 of 38

2008 - Age 19

The boots will always be simply 'so Taylor', but the elbow length finger less leather gloves? Not to sure about this look.

taylor12 of 38

2009 - Age 19

With her crazy curly hair slowly fading out, and her country boots being swapped out for a more 'formal' boot, T is growing super fast and we are loving her even more.

taylor13 of 38

2009 - Age 19

Oh wow, what a blast from the past. Miley and Taylor performing together on stage. Who would have thought things would be so different now!

taylor14 of 38

2009 - Age 19

This backless black, floor length gown and a simple pinned back hairstyle sure got people talking about this small town country singer as she arrived at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

taylor15 of 38

2010 - Age 20

By 2010, the country boots are well and truly done and in the back cupboard and those long long legs are walking up red carpet after red carpet.

taylor16 of 38

2010 - Age 20

This thin strapped tasseled silver dress looks absolutely stunning on Taylor. Still showing off those famous ringlets, T lets loose just enough curls to fill her neckline.

taylor17 of 38

2010 - Age 20

Oh, and that time when Katty and Taylor were actually BBFLs...

taylor18 of 38

2010 - Age 20

Looking absolutely gorgeous as she arrived on the Red Carpet to the 2010 Grammy's, T forgot to bring an extra large clutch to take home all those Grammy's she won that night.

taylor19 of 38

2011 - Age 21

At 21 Tay-Tay looks stunning and its the start of the blonde bombshell and her infamous red lips.

taylor20 of 38

2011 - Age 21

T brings her boots out for a dance around stage. This brings back flashbacks of her younger days with her curls let loose.

taylor21 of 38

2011 - Age 21

Tay looks so proud here and deservedly so. However, she's still missing that extra large clutch... think she'd learn from last year.

taylor22 of 38

2012 - Age 22

Taylor keeps turning heads at the Grammy's, and in 2012 she arrived in a gold open back high neck dress, looking like a true Hollywood Star. Yet another Grammy that T leaves with her hands full.

taylor23 of 38

2012 - Age 22

With the curls just about gone, Tay is just about all grown up, and no wonder she's a hit with the guys (until she has a hit single about them). She is one hell of a Stunner!

taylor24 of 38

2012 - Age 22

A huge tick of approval for this dress! This red free flowing dress with lace top was sure to be the right choice for when T had to go up and collect another award at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.

taylor25 of 38

2012 - Age 22

Taylor looks like a true business woman as she arrives to the MTV Music Awards in 2012, strutting down in a white on white pants suit, and of corse, finished with the perfect red lips!

taylor26 of 38

2012 - Age 22

If you are a true T-Swift fan, you would know that this was The Look for her RED album! With legs that long, why would you show them off!

taylor27 of 38

2012 - Age 22

This super casual look from Tay Tay is finished off in true Taylor style with red lips an nails, right down to the red points on her flats.

taylor28 of 38

2012 - Age 23

Taylor has come a long way since performing at the New Years Eve party in '08! Swapping out the leather gloves for the leather pants. Good trade Swift!

taylor29 of 38

2013 - Age 23

Taylor just has a way of making such simple dresses look jaw-dropping. Arriving at the Peoples Choice Awards in '13, she was sure to add a pop of color with a pair of turquoise drop earrings.

taylor30 of 38

2013 - Age 23

Seven years on, and Tay has become an absolute natural on the Red Carpet. This long sleeve v-neck dress just pairs so well with her golden locks.

taylor31 of 38

2013 - Age 23

No luck was needed for Taylor as she arrived on the Red Carpet for the 2013 Grammy Awards. She was ready to wow the crowd again as she collected her award in this split full length dress.

taylor32 of 38

2014 - Age 24

Loving this LBD! Perfect a pre-gala event where the drinks were sure to be flowing. With a low pony tail and statement earrings, Tay sure looked fab!

taylor33 of 38

2014 - Age 24

Taylor sure looked dazzling in this bronzed chain-like dress. Just one thing, were can we get ourselves a pair of those killer heels?!

taylor34 of 38

2014 - Age 24

And then we said goodbye to those county girl curls, and hello to what will soon become the New Taylor. LOVING the change!

taylor35 of 38

2014 - Age 24

Showing off abs in this two piece, all eyes were on Taylor for sure!

taylor36 of 38

2014 - Age 24

And on her 'days off', Taylor went a little retro/vintage and does it oh-so well!!

taylor37 of 38

2014 - Age 24

Sometimes pastels can be tricky, but this colour comb is a massive hit!

taylor38 of 38

2014 - Age 24

A little bit of a more cheeky side to Taylor as so arrived in a very short long sleeved jumpsuit to the 2014 MTV Music Awards.

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