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What Happened To Taylor Swift's 4th July Parties?

Not so long ago, 4th July celebrations in the United States were a key part of brand Taylor Swift. All American, all wholesome, all the celebrity friends to show off on social media.

If there was an A-lister to rely upon to throw a huge party, invite loads of famous faces and humble brag about how great a time they had, it was Swifty. But things went down a little differently this year. In fact, we're not sure anything went down at all.

Contrary to our expectations, we haven't heard a peep from the pop star in days. Granted, Taylor has been busy on her Reputation tour, but could it be that the princess of patriotic social media celebrations has given up on her once legendary Independence Day parties?

Allow us to speculate for a moment. If we look back to the Taylor Swift backlash of 2016-2017, we'll also note it was the year that Taylor's Independence Day priorities took a backseat. No red white and blue bouncy castles. No stars and stripes cakes. No matching swim suits for all of her supermodel pals. The T-party was officially over.

From then we watched as a new Taylor Swift emerged. A sassy, defiant, squad-free Taylor who monetised her so-called bad reputation. She kissed the happy-go-lucky sparklers on the beach goodbye and U-turned towards for a completely different aesthetic - one that demands peroxide blond hair but didn't lend itself to public parades of cross-circle relationships. What a great loss for social media, eh?

If Taylor were to have had a secret 4th July party this year though, a sure-fire way of predicting the guest list has always been to take a close look at the people she's shared the stage with recently. Here's how that would have shaped up...

Having spent much of the lead up to the occasion here in the UK, the closest we've gotten to an Old Taylor revival is a couple of relatively low-key appearances with some British celebs. While touring the UK Taylor invited ex-One Directioner Niall Horan to join her on stage. It's hard to tell whether they're real life pals or it was just a happy musical opportunity for them to share, but it's likely he would've gotten an invite.

Not long after, Robbie Williams popped down to Wembley to sing Angels while Taylor played the piano. An unlikely but enjoyable musical match indeed, but we'll go with it.

One night Adele and JK Rowling even turned up to watch the show and yes, of course they popped back stage to say hello. But as far as our social media investigations go, Taylor Swift seems to have been laying low once this year and, much like last, has not shared even an inkling about how she celebrated. Clearly the 4th July just isn't a priority any more. Quality time with Robbie Williams and JK Rowling is definitely up there, though.

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