Nobody Seems To Know Whether Victoria Beckham Will Join The Spice Girls On Tour

There have been VERY conflicting reports over the weekend...

Victoria Beckham The Spice Girls

by Bonnie McLaren |

Will she, won’t she?! Of course, we’re talking about whether Victoria Beckham is going to join the Spice Girls on their comeback tour. Duh!

Well, it seems like we still don’t know - because, over the weekend, there were very conflicting reports being circulated.

Hope was ignited when the Daily Star reported that VB will join the girls on stage for one of the dates, as a kind of guest apperance. A source close to the group told the Daily Star Sunday, ‘It’s looking likely that it will be for the second gig at Wembley on June 14. She has made it clear she doesn’t want the pressure of having to sing live.’ The source added, ‘But she’s open to the idea of a dance routine. Another option is some sort of catwalk performance in honour of her fashion business.’ (Really!?)

But, look to The Sun, and those hopes would have been dashed. ‘Victoria Beckham dashes hopes of Spice Girls reunion by changing job title from singer to fashion designer,’ their headline reads, explaining that the 45-year-old has switched her role from singer to fashion designer on papers for Spice Girls Limited. An insider told the paper, ‘It is as though she’s literally drawing a line under her time as a performer and saying she’s never go on stage again. She is desperate to succeed as a fashion designer.’

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Spice Girls

The Spice Girls formed in 1994 after replying to an advert posted in a trade magazine looking for singers and dancers.

So, with these conflicting reports, who knows?! We’re certainly none the wiser.

The tour starts next month, ending in three dates at London's Wembley in June.

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