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What do you normally do when your partner gets a promotion? A nice dinner in your favourite restaurant? Drinks in your local? Bottle of wine and let them choose the night’s tele? Not if you're Victoria Beckham. A celebration befitting of England’s first family needs to be much more spectacular, or at the very least A-list filled.

Yes, Victoria Beckham has congratulated David Beckham on the launch of his own major league soccer team in Miami with a star-studded celebration video on Instagram. Well, after 19 years of marriage (which he opened up about here), you’re probably running out of different ways to congratulate all the endless successes.

The video features an abundance of famous faces, from J-Lo, to Jay-Z, all wishing David luck on his new venture. It gave us all sorts of inside knowledge on the life of the Beckhams. Not only did we find out that J-Lo is the one that introduced David to one of his new business partners, Marcelo Claure, we also found out that the Beckhams are set to be neighbours with Serena Williams!

Watch the video below…

Who knew DJ Khaled was so close to the Beckhams?

It was another move proving she’s the ultimate matriarch, complete with the cutest messages from the couples four kids. We’re just amazed she has the time to create the tribute, in between planning for her first London Fashion Week show, and trolling Chloe-Grace Moretz on social media. But at least we can put any marriage woe rumours to rest now.

David has been working towards owning his own team, MLS, in the major league for four years, with a multitude of obstacles in his way. In the conference announcing his new franchise, he opened up about how difficult it had been to reach this goal and how he wanted his children to learn from that. He said:

'Nothing in my career or life have been easy. I was told I would never play for England because I was too small and too skinny.

'I ended up having a good career but what I try to teach my children is the things get difficult at times, never give in, never give up.'

They really are the ultimate power couple.

Congrats on the new job David, with Usain Bolt on your side, we're sure you'll be topping the league in no time...

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