Made In Chelsea’s Maeva D’Ascanio: ‘I Regret Not Going On Holiday With James’

Following the huge argument in last night's episode, Maeva chats to Grazia about her relationship with James Taylor.

Maeva D’Ascanio

by Bonnie McLaren |

From last night's episode, it looks like Maeva D’Ascanio is going to be one of the main characters on this series of Made in Chelsea. And the drama started immediately. In the opening episode last night, it was revealed Maeva's relationship with her boyfriend, James Taylor, is hanging by a thread - as Maeva wants a break.

In very Chelsea style, the argument blew up during a double date, making things very awkward. Maeva had set-up her friend Paris Smith, with returning cast member Angus Findlay - but after the pair were introduced, she told everyone she didn't want to go on holiday with James and his family. But, speaking to Grazia, Maeva says she didn't intend to kick off - she just couldn't keep it in any longer.

'I guess being a part of the argument on the blind date was not expected,' she tells us. 'So it felt very uncomfortable. But I can't keep things for myself. I just had to spit it out, tell the truth, and not soak things up because I cannot do that. So, yeah, it felt very uncomfortable but when I have to say something, I say it.'

However, she does admit that she wishes she went on holiday with James and his family. 'At that time, I felt good not going on holiday with him and his family because I thought that it wasn't right for me to go because of [how I felt about] him,' she says, before adding, 'but I regretted it straightaway.'

In the preview, we see that Maeva has more scenes coming up with her ex-boyfriend, Miles Nazaire. How's filming with her ex been, particularly when she's going through a rough patch with James? 'Bloody hell, well, I can't say much about it,' she says. 'It's not very comfortable, and it's not appropriate.'

So, apart from some awkward encounters, what's coming up for Maeva in upcoming episodes? 'What I can say for the viewers about my storyline, is that it was really emotional,' she says. 'I've been through so many ups and downs that I got to the point where that was really complicated. It's pretty hard to say - it wasn't simple.'

Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 9pm on E4.

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