Everything We Learned From Taylor Swift’s ’73 Questions’ Video

She's just so relatable..

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Taylor Swift just let a Vogue reporter take a tour around her house, and revealed some pretty intriguing facts about herself in the process. Here's your need-to-know on Taylor's '73 Questions'...

She's so over clickbait

We're guessing she prefers long reads...

She is the proud owner of a beautiful grand piano

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And it looks like this...

The first song she learnt to play on the guitar was 'Kiss Me' by Sixpence None The Richer

As featured in classic teen movie She's All That.

She makes voice memos when she's writing songs

(Although if you own the deluxe edition of her 1989 album, you'll know that already...)

Blank Space was a very speedy song to write...

She'd written down most of the lyrics the year before.

While All Too Well was much more difficult

The Red album track proved to be so 'emotional' that Taylor had to put it down for months at a time.

She's a very spontaneous person


Her VMA award sits next to her coffee machine

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Youtube: Vogue US ©Youtube: Vogue US

Ever so casual

She has a shelf of creepy papier maché heads

Straight out of Neil Buchanan's Art Attack

She drinks vodka and Diet Coke on a night out

Just like your student days...

Her house boasts some very interesting fixtures and fittings

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Youtube: Vogue US ©Youtube: Vogue US

I mean, look at that tap...

Her 25th birthday cake got Jay Z's seal of approval

It came from Milkbar, FYI.

She bakes gluten free, dairy free chocolate cakes


Her favourite TV show is Friends

We're guessing Taylor is a Monica...

Her favourite film is Love Actually

Celebrities - they're just as basic as us!

If she wasn't a singer, she'd work in advertising

Because slogans and song hooks are similar. Wise.

She has double jointed elbows

taylor swift, vogue
Youtube: Vogue US ©Youtube: Vogue US

So she can do this...

The best gift she ever received was her Christmas present from Calvin Harris

He planted an olive tree in her yard. Cute.

She likes to shoulder-robe her coat

taylor swift
Youtube: Vogue US ©Vogue

A perfect example of #shrobing

She tells her friends absolutely everything, and yet the secrets never get out

What happens in the squad, stays in the squad.

She wishes she'd written the Friends theme tune

For the royalties.

Filming the Bad Blood video was the best moment of her career so far

If we had managed to persuade Cindy Crawford to join our squad, that would be our favourite career moment, too.

She was scared of going to Coachella

Looks like she got over that fear, then...

Just like your pre-teen self, her spirit animal is a dolphin

'They're very social, they travel in groups.'

If she was a cat, her cats wouldn't be friends with her

Because Olivia Benson and Meredith Gray don't think she's cool.

She wants to swap wardrobes with Blake Lively

A very solid choice.

She loves antibacterial hand spray

And she'll lend you some in the queue for the bathroom.

She's going to wear a robot costume to the Met Gala

And a sword. OK, we think she's having us on here...

She used to want to be a stockbroker

Before she discovered what being a stockbroker actually entails.

She doesn't agree with how the press has treated her relationships

'You're going to date like a normal twenty-something should be allowed to, but you're going to be a national lightning rod for slut-shaming.'

The bravest thing she's ever done is writing her open letter to Apple Music

It's also the most spontaneous thing she's ever done.

She's determined to get an honourary doctorate degree

Ed Sheeran has one, and she's worried he looks down on her now.

Her favourite scented candle is from Byredo

It's called Treehouse, and it costs £50.

Watch the full '73 Questions' video below...

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