Taylor Swift Releases ‘Love Letter’ Video To Fans

Taylor Swift

by Edwina Langley |

It's been the most talked about world tour of the decade. Starting in Tokyo in May last year and finishing in Melbourne last Decemeber, it welcomed on-stage a legion of VIP guest performers – from Mick Jagger to Cara Delevingne, Lena Dunham to The Weeknd, even 'Phoebe Buffay' made an appearance... what else could we be talking about than Taylor Swift's 1989?

Grossing an estimated $251million – and earning Taylor the coveted iHeartRadio Best Tour Award last weekend – 1989 wowed fans the world over, from Singapore to China, London to The Netherlands and, of course, the US. How might Taylor bid farewell to such an epic feat of entertainment? Well, in typical Tay fashion, with a nod to her fans of course – or rather, a video LOVE LETTER to them...

Taking to Twitter, Taylor announced the news that the music video for her new single New Romantics had been released, and included in her tweet a teaser, which she captioned: 'The best things in life are free #NewRomantics'

A statement beneath the clip revealed the video – which is an Apple Music exclusive – features 'never before seen, behind-the-scenes and live footage from The 1989 World Tour' and is 'a love letter to her fans and a celebration of the 1989 era'.

Taylor narrates the opening of the video, saying: 'The fans are the best part of this tour. They’re the reason these shows are incredible and I know those fans out there are just all-in.

'I don’t want to forget anything that happened on this tour. It was one of those remarkable moments in time when everything felt exciting.'

She concludes, 'Looking out into an endless ocean of crowd was everything. We’re all really sad that it’s ending but we’re really happy because of what it was.'

Someone pass us a tissue, quick - BLUB!

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