Paul Hollywood’s Ex Says ‘He Doesn’t Bake’ And ‘Prefers Cheap Sliced Bread’

Summer has repeated the comments she originally made in a new interview.

Paul Hollywood

by Bonnie McLaren |

Have you had a break-up as petty as Paul Hollywood and Summer Monteys-Fullam's? We doubt it. The 25-year-old obviously didn't end on good terms with the baker, 54, as last November she took to Instagram to make some absolutely shocking revelations about the Bake Off star during a Q&A. (That's if they're true, btw.)

When one fan asked: 'Could you bake before you met Mr Bake Off himself?' She was quick to respond with: 'He didn't bake - he liked his cheap sliced bread!' And then she dropped the second bombshell when another follower asked: 'Did you ever get nervous cooking for Paul as he's a chef.' To which Summer replied: 'Lol. Firstly, he isn't a chef. And secondly no not really, he'd just eat Rice Krispies most evenings so I'd cook for myself.' Summer - who was working as a barmaid when she met Paul - then added: '#thatsifhewasntatthepub.'

And Summer has repeated her previous comments in a new interview with The Sun. Summer, who is still single, has said what she's looking for in her next relationship, saying: 'Age isn’t really a problem but this time I would definitely put a cap on it — so thirties or younger — and I would definitely be open to dating someone not in the public eye. What I’m not looking for in a man this time around is someone who’s self-obsessed or eats Rice Krispies for dinner.'

Yikes. We feel like we've been deceived, like when you find out a comedian isn't funny in real life.

(Mr Hollywood is yet to publicly respond to the allegations.)

Paul and Summer's relationship caused headlines a couple of years ago due to their age gap and Paul's separation from his wife Alexandra. The pair first met in early 2017 when the star arranged a birthday party for then-wife Alexandra at the bar where she worked. And Paul and Summer are believed to have grown closer after the Bake Off judge and his wife split. The former barmaid is believed to have ended their romance in 2019 after he asked her to sign a gagging order, forbidding her to discuss their relationship.

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