Sienna Miller Just Called Out The Media’s Sexist Double Standard In How They Talked About Her Relationship With Jude Law

'It makes you go totally weak. It takes any power you have'

Sienna Miller

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Actress and fashion icon Sienna Miller has been speaking about how the media has treated her throughout her career, and calling out some of the double standards in reporting.

In an in-depth interview with Vulture, journalist Rachel Handler asked about one particular article written about her five years ago, which alluded to her flirting with the male interviewer. ‘During my research, I found an article about you from 2014, by a male writer,’ Handler began. ‘And it was frustrating to read because, even five years ago, the way men were allowed to write about women: He was acting like you were flirting with him and was just generally leering. Did that sort of thing frustrate you at the time?’

Miller’s response gives a whole new insight into life in the spotlight for women. ‘At the time, no. In hindsight, it bothers me. But it’s another thing you just accept. It’s the way things were,’ Miller answered.

‘The worst was the New York Times. I was doing my Broadway debut, and they did a profile on me and referred to my ex-fiancé [Jude Law] as a “fling.” A week later [the Times] did a profile on Jude, who also had a play on Broadway, and said he “had a three-year relationship and engagement with the actress Sienna Miller.”

‘The latent sexism … the message is so clear. What they’re trying to say is that this person is frivolous and a slut, and this person I’d been engaged to and had an intense relationship with [isn’t]. It’s just disgusting. It made me angry. I got an apology that was a centimeter long. In a publication I value as one of the most noble in the world, it was so hurtful and crushing. It’s out there; no apology will take it away. And it listed people I’d never slept with in the opening. It makes you go totally weak. It takes any power you have.

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Sienna Miller's Hair Evolution Grazia

Sienna in 20031 of 12

Sienna in 2003

Classic Sienna! So flicky, so boho, so blonde.

Sienna in 20042 of 12

Sienna in 2004

We had totally forgotten Sienna went to the dark side once - she looks lovely with chocolatey locks. (Getty)

Sienna in 20043 of 12

Sienna in 2004

But it didn't last long! Here's her back to blonde

Sienna with short hair in 20054 of 12

Sienna with short hair in 2005

An Edie Sedgwick esque do (via Getty)

Which didn't last long! Sienna's lush locks were back by 20065 of 12

Which didn't last long! Sienna's lush locks were back by 2006

The ultimate Primrose Hill blowdry. (via Getty)

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Sienna in 2007

This tousled look is relaxed and boho. (via Getty)

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Sienna in 2008

A chic updo at a press conference. (via Getty)

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Sienna in 2010

A cute, mussed-up pony suits Sienna. (via Getty)

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Sienna in 2011

Seriously working that quiff. (via Getty)

Sienna in 201110 of 12

Sienna in 2011

We love the severe side part and loose texture (via Getty)

Sienna in 201311 of 12

Sienna in 2013

A look that launched a hundred dye jobs: we still can't get over Sienna's rose gold hair.

Sienna in 201412 of 12

Sienna in 2014

She's found her short hair stride! We adore this pink-tinged, edgy bob with loads of texture.

‘I was dreadful in the play, and I blame them. Not my fault! [Laughs.] When you’re doing something that’s a lot of work and the greatest publication in the world is calling you something, it’s hard to change a narrative.'

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