Let’s Remember The Things Sienna Miller Made Us Wear

Let's throwback to all the trends Sienna set in the noughties


by Pandora Sykes |
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Back in the heady days of the early noughties, one woman stood out above the rest as a fashion icon for women across the UK. That woman, was called Sienna Miller and whatever she wore, we wore. And thus, Boho was born. Here's everything we have Sienna to thank for...

1. Ugg boots

She must have been powerful that Sienna. She made everyone go on a global hunt for shoes that were previously only worn as slippers in Australia. And pay £200+ for the privilege.


2. White prairie skirts

I remember my calf-length white cotton skirt from Topshop with broderie anglaise pannelling intimately. I wore it with a tank top and a tangle of 'efnic' jewllery. Miller later didn't seem to love her look later on: 'I think I'd just returned from travelling,' she said confusingly, in 2007, in response to the boho backlash.


3. A gigantic belt covered in coins

The theory behind this clearly went: the smaller your skirt, the bigger your belt. The resulting equation was one where your belt and your skirt were the same size. Sienna really won us over with this one. Who didn't own and adore their faux-leather belt covered in dubious coinage from New Look? Even though it made us look like Russell Crowe in Gladiator.


4. Coloured hair extensions

How to make your blonde hair even blonder? Add some white hair extensions. A girl the year above me at school hot-footed it to the hairdresser literally the week after Sienna rocked this look at Glasto 2004 and therefore looked ultra cool for the entire subsequent term. Worn with bright yellow oversized aviator glasses, a black minidress and the aforementioned coin pussy pelmet, I'm not afraid to say that I think Sienna looks banging. This is still a totally legitimate look for festivals in 2014. Except maybe – ok definitely – without the coin belt. Russell rang and he wants it back.


5. Fur gilet

The rabbit fur gilet (bought from Portobello Road – and still very much available) was the ultimate boho statement piece, commanding a price tag north of an Ugg boot. Who knew peasant-dressing could be so expensive? Sienna wore it in the summer with her denim cut-offs and tank tops and in the winter with a miniskirt and Vivienne Westwood pirate boots. We wore a faux fur version of it that got rained on multiple times.


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