A Deep Dive Into Sienna Miller’s Interior Design

The British actress and style icon has offered a few glimpses into her personal space in recent months.

Sienna Miller

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We were so thrilled when Sienna Miller’s latest role, in drama Wander Darkly, led to such acclaim. The actress first arrived on the scene through roles in Layer Cake and Alfie, and ever since then has proven that she is hugely talented. Did you see Factory Girl? The Edge Of Love? American Woman? Sienna is truly gifted. And the added bonus of seeing her on the promo trail? A glimpse into her home life.

While Sienna promoted Wander Darkly, she attended a couple of virtual events which showed her approach to interior design. The first, in October of last year, showed her at home in the living room for an AFI Q&A. The second, in November, placed her in a bedroom, as she spoke at the Forces of Fashion Summit. And now this month showed her in a second living room as she met with The Hollywood Reporter. With three mere squares to deal with, we had to get into the detail, and we have a few questions.

First, let's look at the AFI event:

Sienna Interiors

What is she wearing?

Honestly how does this woman seem so effortlessly stylish? She’s just wearing a white blouse, a few nice bits of gold jewellery, complemented by her perfect blonde hair. But it’s the perfect, clean Zoom look and we are scouring the web for that medallion.

Why is everything grey?

Honestly, everything is grey! The curtains. The walls. The throw on the left of the image. The sofas seem off-white – aka, light grey. The only colours are provided by the blue cushion and red throw on the sofa on the right, and they are pretty muted tones. Clearly Sienna favours a tranquil, calm living space, perhaps influenced by her former stepmother, interior design legend Kelly Hoppen.

What is the ladder for?

So, we’ve thought about this very carefully and the ladder on the right – grey, obviously – would logically help Sienna reach the books on the high shelves on the left. She is, after all, 5 foot 5, so would need a little lift. But why put the ladder so far away? She must have to shift it across the room every time she wants to pick up a book. It doesn’t seem an effective use of her energy to us. And we’re very worried about the artwork it’s propped up against.

What is that curtain all about?

Is Sienna the Wizard of Oz? A leader who appears to her fans only from behind a curtain? As you can see, the room is divided by a high grey (of course it’s grey) curtain that hides, what? A dressing room? A gym?

Obviously it’s quite a clever way of dividing one large room into two smaller, cosier spaces, but we’re still tantalised by the idea.

Next, the recent appearance at the Forces for Fashion Summit...

Sienna Miller Interiors
©Forces For Fashion

Certain points still stand. The effortless style remains. She looks fabulous. Another constant? Grey.

Wait, is her whole house grey?

The walls, floor, the chest of drawers and even the sheets are grey. We understand why Sienna may turn to the staple: it creates a calming, neutral space. However, we would love to see a splash of colour. Perhaps a rug, or a simple bunch of flowers, could break through the calm.

She has a four poster bed

Note the vertical beam on the left, indicating Sienna's choice of bed is a modern take on a classic four poster. Leave it to her to seek a contemporary, chic imagining of a timeless piece. She does it with fashion all the time.

Is she faux messy?

Sienna's home is pretty tidy, with the aforementioned grey palette aligning with this sense of a clean, clear space. But we couldn't help but notice the artful sprinkling of mess, particularly via the piles of books. It screams 'sorry about this clutter, I was just leafing through Madame Bovary when you called.' It's effortless, but speaks volumes. Then again, she could really just be a massive bookworm.

Next, the event with The Hollywood Reporter.


Sienna is back in her effortlessly chic white. The grey palette remains, although it is not clear if this is the same space as the ones we have seen her in previously. She has, after all, recently been in London for work. But, there are some new colours.

Sienna has embraced warm browns, present in the leather chair, the lamp and the artwork on the wall. She is, it seems, sticking with these calm, neutral tones.

Maybe one day we’ll see the kitchen. In the meantime, give Sienna Miller an Oscar!

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