‘Your Son Is An Inspiration!’ – Emma Willis Shows Us Why Parents Should Reject Gender Stereotypes

Honestly, why would you ever criticise what a child is wearing online?

emma willis

by Bonnie McLaren |

Emma Willis shared a photo of her son, Ace, recently. The candid photo shows Ace in the kitchen with his dad, and Emma's husband, Matt Willis, which Emma captioned: '#My little style icon (Ace, not Matt).’

In the picture, Ace - with long blond hair - is wearing a pink crop top and jeans. Unfortunately, even in 2020, there were some comments where people were asking whether Ace was a boy - just because of his outfit. (It goes without saying, but why on Earth, as a grown adult, would you comment on what a CHILD is wearing? Proper weird behaviour.)

Thankfully, most weren't here for that small-minded stupidity. One mum commented: 'Your son is an inspiration. Coming from a mummy of a son who loves pink, rainbows and his Elsa dress. He is following his own story and not bound by stupid society stereotypes.' Another added: 'Just shows how far we have to go in breaking down gender stereotypes. Pink is simply a colour. Hair grows. Let kids (or adults) wear whatever they want!’

Obviously, these commenters are right. Kids should be able to wear what they want and experiment with clothing regardless of their gender. Gender stereotypes are outdated, and quite frankly, boring. One of the best things about being that young is you don't care half as much about what you look like as you do when you grow up - so why, as an adult, would you say something to take that away?

Ace will grow up happy thanks to his parents' evident acceptance that he can wear what he wants to wear, grow his hair however he likes it, and be whoever he wants to be. That's what you call good parenting.

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