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Sharp Objects: The Trailer Is Out For Big Little Lies Director’s New Project With Amy Adams

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You thought Big Little Lies was dark? Prepare yourself for the new star-studded HBO drama coming in July. Another limited TV series, which are fast becoming the hottest trend in edgy, highly acclaimed TV dramas, Sharp Objects is based on a book about a newspaper journalist who returns home to report on a series of murders and in the process finds her dark past coming back to haunt her.

Now, a new trailer for the TV series has been released, and it looks like we’ll be on the edge of our seat for all eight episodes. So, when is the series out? Who is starring in it? We’ve answered all the questions you could have about HBO’s highly anticipated project…

What is Sharp Objects about?

As most critically acclaimed series are, this is another TV drama based on an award-winning novel. It follows Camille Preaker, a journalist who reluctantly returns home for work, investigating a series of murders bringing her own haunting past to the surface. Following her family life, the trailer references a strained relationship with her sister, with ominous music making for a scary first teaser. Watch for yourself here…

Sharp Objects trailer:

Who is starring in Sharp Objects?

Camille is played by Amy Adams in her first major TV role since starring in The Office more then ten years ago. Camille’s mother is played by the legendary Patricia Carkson and stars alongside Elizabeth Perkins, Madison Davenport, Chris Messina and Eliza Scanlen.

What is the connection to Big Little Lies and Gone Girl?

The series is so highly anticipated because it is being directed by Big Little Lie’s Jean-Marc Vallee and is based on a book by the author of Gone Girl. Two amazing, suspense building tales famed for their dark, intriguing characters, putting a lot of pressure on this new series to be amazing.

When will sharp objects air?

It was set to air in June this year, however with the trailer only confirming July as the release date, we don’t yet have an official date to slot into our calendars. Check back for updates

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