Sarah Jessica Parker Has An Absolutely Wild Conspiracy Theory About Sex And The City

'Think about it for a second, right?’

sex and the city sarah jessica parker

by Bonnie McLaren |

Sarah Jessica Parker is a conspiracy theorist – or, at least, she has a weird theory about Sex And The City. And now, we might never be able to watch the show in the same way again.

The iconic series, which ran for six seasons and spawned two movies, followed Carrie (SJP), along with her best friends Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kirstin Davis) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) noopener noreferrer}

But, controversially, the actor thinks the other characters might not have been real.

Parker told,‘Sometimes I’m like, we don’t even know if Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte were real. Sometimes I’m like, hmmm, just to mess with myself. Think about it: did Carrie make them up? She's telling a story every week. This is her point of view, it's almost always her point of view.’

Her reasoning? The final season of the show saw Carrie {:rel=nofollow}move to Paris to embark on a relationship with artist Aleksandr Petrovsky - the key part being that she left her laptop back in New York, which she claimed could be a ‘conduit’ for her mates to exist. ('Think about it for a second, right?’)

She added, 'These friendships, real or not real, as described were beyond a source of joy and a connection and a way of relating, they were a necessity.'

In 2015, Parker admitted that she’s nothing like Carrie - so it's hardly surprising she doesn't think the show is realistic. ‘I think there's not a lot about Carrie that is actually similar to my life,’ she told E! News. ‘Our choices have been so radically different. There are certain kinds of pillars that fundamentally are different. I like clothing, but I don't have anywhere near a fevered relationship that she does.’

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