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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Adamant There’s ‘No Catfight’ Between Her And Kim Cattrall

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Being the powerhouse that it was, a TV show based around friendship, Sex and The City is one of very few shows that invokes great emotion from its cult following. Even those who aren’t fans of the show have been obsessed with the off-screen relationships of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon. That’s why despite ongoing evidence of a long-standing feud between Parker and Cattrall, people just can’t seem to let it go.

So much so that Parker has confirmed her side of the story yet again, that there is no, and ‘never has been, a catfight’. Despite this, Cattrall has been open about her disdain for Parker, stating she wishes Parker ‘would’ve been nicer’ on set in an interview with Piers Morgan, then taking to Instagram to say ‘I don’t need your love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker’ back in February when her brother died and Parker commented on an Instagram post offering condolences.

Linking out to an article in the New York Post which details how Parker excluded Cattrall on set and created a mean girls style work environment, Cattrall essentially confirmed what we all already knew, that they have never gotten along.

Yet, Parker continues to maintain that there is no fight between them, telling Vulture:

‘I’d just like to remind everybody that there is no catfight. I have never uttered an unkind, unsupportive, unfriendly word, so I would love to redefine [the situation].

‘I also want to remind everybody that there were four women on the set and I spent equal time with all of them, so this was not a set with two women who didn’t get along.’

Continuing, she detailed that she can only respect Cattrall’s decision not to make a third movie, despite being disappointed herself. Reaffirming that ‘there has never been a catfight’, she continued, ‘I’ve never fought with someone publicly in my life, nor would I.

‘We are enormously proud of what we got to do and I don’t want someone sharing thoughts publicly, which is Kim’s right to do and that is what it is, but we spent 10, 12 years of our life doing something that I really loved and I feel privileged to be part of and I don’t want this to eclipse it or change its experience for that audience that was so good to us for so long.’

Stating her intention not to let the ongoing back and forth ruin the image fans have of the franchise, Cattrall made a similar comment on her interview with Piers Morgan back in October last year. She told Morgan:

‘I think there is genuine affection and there has been over the years, but this is extenuating circumstances, and in the past, I felt, especially with the fans, I don’t want to in any shape or form ruin an ideal of it because it does stand for empowerment and women sticking up for each other, but not always.’

Well, given the ongoing tension between the two, it seems it may be too late to maintain a picture-perfect ideal of the cast. Alas, we do have these SATC facts you most likely don’t know about to ease your SATC sadness…

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