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The Royal Brides Whose Fathers Didn't Walk Them Down The Aisle

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With the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a matter of days away, there's still a major question mark hanging over one key part of the proceedings: namely, who will walk the bride down the aisle? Last week, a briefing from Kensington Palace confirmed that Meghan's father, Thomas Markle Sr, would be giving his daughter away at St George's Chapel, Windsor; however, in the aftermath of a media storm over 'faked' paparazzi photos of Mr Markle, he has since confirmed (via TMZ, no less) that he won't be crossing the Atlantic for his daughter's nuptials, as he is set to undergo heart surgery this week.

So, this leaves Meghan with a conundrum. Should she ask her mother and close confidante, Doria Ragland to do the honours (as the bride reportedly always wanted to)? Should another close friend - or perhaps a member of Harry's family, like Prince William - carry out the duty? Or, should she side-step an arguably irrelevant tradition and just walk by herself?

The latter option is - let's face it - highly unlikely (this is the British monarchy we're talking about, not a feel-good rom-com). But should Meghan choose to be accompanied by someone other than her father when she walks down the aisle, she certainly wouldn't be the first royal bride to do so. From Queen Victoria to Princess Margaret, these are the British royal brides who broke with tradition on their wedding days...

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