The Reason Prince Harry Named His Son Archie Will Melt Hearts

No, it's not an acronym of Meghan Markle's real name Rachel

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle And Son Archie Made Their First Appearance As A Family On May 8

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Prince Harry and Meghan Marklewelcomed their first baby into the world on May 6, and the family made their first appearance as a trio two days later when they announced their son's name- Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

While there has been speculation surrounding baby Sussex's name; with some thinking Archie is an acronym of Meghan's real name Rachel, others believe Harrison means Harry's son - clever, right?

However, there is another reason behind the Duke and Duchess' son's moniker - and it is a lot more sentimental than you first thought.

It is believed the royal couple named their child after an officer who saved Prince Harry's military career.

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Harry, 34, served in the army with Major Tom Archer-Burton, and he was nicknamed Archie.

The Major had a huge impact on Prince William's brother during his time, as the commanding officer helped Harry to get deployed to Afghanistan.

Harry credits Archie for saving his career especially when he was told he couldn't fight in Iraq in 2007. Archie managed to convince the Queen's grandson to stay in the armed forces and helped to keep the news Harry was deployed in the battle zone out of the public eye, which Harry is forever grateful for.

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The duo still remain close friends, with Archie making an appearance at his and Meghan's royal wedding in May last year.

A source told The Sun: 'It’s well known in Army circles, and Archie’s inner circle, that baby Archie is a nod to him. The two men have stayed in regular contact, and Archie has met most of Harry’s family including Meghan.'

However, a 'modest' Archie won't take credit for the royal baby's name.

The insider added: 'It’s an incredible honour but Archie is an incredibly modest chap, and won’t be making a big deal of it.

But it is a BIG DEAL!


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