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Proof That Rihanna Will Forever Be Our Favourite Wine-Wheeling Icon

There are many reasons to adore Rihanna. Her style, her music, her business acumen and 'don't kill my vibe' attitude all rank very highly, but Rihanna's commitment to a glass of wine is quite frankly exceptional.

We're all familiar with her penchant for public wine wheeling by now. There are plenty of meme-worthy snaps floating around the internet of Ri-Ri leaving various venues with a glass in hand (most of which she says she returned) but an old video as recently re-emerged that sets our favourite Bad Gal's vino efforts at new heights.

Over the weekend, a couple of fan accounts on Twitter shared clips from 2016 of Rihanna catching some rays on a swan shaped pool float.

The scenes are enviably beautiful, of course. Beyond the boarder of the pool that Ri seems to have entirely to herself is a dreamy coastline and crystal clear sea. Though @RihSnapchat claimed the video clips are taken in Barbados and other fan account @fentyy says these are taken in Turks and Caicos, the real attention is what Rihanna is holding in her left hand.

Rihanna is obviously holding a glass of wine. The trouble is, though, that our pal Ri made the ambitious hat trick of a decision to lie on her front, backwards on an awkward shaped pool float while holding a drink. The mortals among us probably wouldn't dare try to pull off such an Instagram-ready position for fear of falling off, looking ridiculous and losing an entire drink in the process but, as with most things, even when the worst did happen (she fell off) Rihanna managed to remain cool (there was barely a splash) and safe the most important thing at risk from tragedy (her wine). You can watch it in all it's brilliance below:

Don't take this as license to try and pull a Rihanna, though. Speaking from experience, it didn't work out when I tried to start taking full glasses of wine out with me as I left various unglamorous bars and I doubt I'll be able to save myself _or_ my wine from the perils of infinity pool photo ops.

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