Rihanna Is The Bathroom Girl You Need In Your Life

You'll want to see this amazing Twitter story about the Queen of Fenty


by Sofia Tindall |
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Apparently it’s Blue Monday - officially the worst day of the year and we need a story to remind us all that there are still beautiful moments in life, like moments when you learn Rihannais the ultimate Bathroom Girl (the one who lends you concealer and dabs your Gin &Tonic tears: you know exactly the one we're talking about).

Luckily the internet delivered this weekend, as Zara Rahim, a communications director who has worked at Vogue and for Obama's digital team (so nbd) took to Twitter to tell us all about the time the multi-award winning singerhad showing up late to an event that she was scheduled to be speaking at and also being desperate to pee, insisted on using the nearest public bathroom. You know; whether or not you’re one of the best-selling music artists of all time – when you gotta go you gotta go.

The story was explained through a Twitter thread that received over 6,000 likes and it's nothing less than what would expect from a story involving the woman who champions unblushingly nipple bearing fashion and taught us the merits of the clapback.

Zara goes on to explains how she accompanied Rihanna to the bathroom in a state of panic “Extremely nervously and in a full internal spiral, I lead her to the women’s restroom, knowing there was going to be a lot of women in there because the attendees were waiting for her to close the day out and taking a break from sitting in the room idly until she started" and carries on to describe the other users as they started to realize what was happening.

"The women were so slow to realize what was happening — just from the pure shock. Once things registered, I swear to God I’ve never heard noises emitted from women’s bodies like that. Imagine something I can only describe as something between screaming, crying, joy, and confusion?".

So to recap: Rihanna is in the bathroom, making small talk - waiting in the queue like every other woman (Oh to be on a fly on the wall: what did they talk about? What do you even ask Rihanna in the bathroom queue?) until a stall opens up and a woman comes out, and obviously her jaw drops (I mean Rihanna is standing right in front of you waiting to use the loo you've just come out of) and Rihanna legitimately says this to her:

As she came out, she also used some hand lotion from the dispenser which immediately stopped working and like the true girl's-bathroom gal she is helped Zara out by rubbing the excess onto her hands.

We love you Rihanna, and from now on our 2019 aspirations are to run into you in a bathroom (it's the millennial iteration of the imaginary dinner party scenario, obviously). Case closed.

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